AUKEY V4 1 Sports On Ear Headphones

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Review: AUKEY V4 1 Sports On Ear Headphones

Anyone looking around for new headphones will soon realize that the increasingly gaining the upper hand in ear headphones. It is therefore not surprising that for good On Ear headphones for a long time must be sought. Now can be found the AUKEY V4 1 Sports On Ear Headphones. The headphones are better and more convenient than in-ear headphones and can be worn well. The headphones not only look cool, but even great features for each user. 

The packaging and delivery

No one should expect too much. The headphones come in a plain packaging that does not reveal much about the content. Who opens the package must check the delivery immediately. But here, unfortunately, is missing a good storage space for the case when the headphones are not being worn. The listeners are nevertheless equipped with a matching micro USB cable and of course a manual. There is also the manufacturer also a warranty card.  

The first impression

First, the headphones but already look very solid. Although many a customer that might look different, the headphones are also correspondingly low. Therefore, it will certainly not be surprising that there might be some problems in the processing of headphones here. All parts are made in headphones plastic. The headphones can be folded for safe transport easily together. This is handy if they are to fit into the pocket. It is always important to deal with the headphones. This should not be touched too rough. Because the user should not forget that the hinges are made of plastic. The earpads look rather cheap. But who sees the price here and the delivery will be considered full of insight. Because the headphones are now times from the lowest price range and are therefore also not much pounce. It could tweak while wearing even at one point or another, and that is for some buyers not too good. But yet here will also find some great little gimmicks. So the user can easily operate the headphones. These keys are even provided with LED lamps. The buttons to control the volume and of course also change the songs. For the calls on the move, there is a microphone.  

The first steps with the headphones!

First, the battery should be charged. This was indeed already charged at the factory, but that is not so much.Therefore, the headphones should always be fully charged before first use. Charging does not take more than 2 hours to complete. Are the speakers then charged, it can last up to 6 hours. Here the indication may also vary but.The music volume plays an important role in the battery operating time. The keys are found quickly and well enough. The headphones are switched on at the multifunction button. Given these 4 seconds must be kept pressed. The headset will now connect to Bluetooth devices in the area. It should not be forgotten so to turn this feature on the smartphone. Only then they can also be found. If everything is done, then can be heard music.  

Call quality!

Call quality is with the headphones really good. Those who want noise, should not call out in the open, when then the wind goes. Because this can blow through the microphone and then also quickly irritate the interlocutor. But without these circumstances everything works quite well. Calls are simply assumed and may even be rejected. The AUKEY V4 1 Sports On Ear Headphones can work simultaneously with two devices and that is really a perfect property. It can be telephoned and the headset will recognize the call immediately and give the user the possibility this also to accept. If everything was discussed, the headset can automatically reconnect to the music that has been heard before.  

So good is the fit and sound!

Unfortunately, it can happen here that the headphones do not fit on every head. The users, which they will fit note, however, that the headset is absolutely no pressure on the ears and thus exert the headset can be worn longer. The headphones are also very good for people with glasses and be fit. The sound, however, suffer somewhat due to the fact that the headset is not in the right position.


conclusion guyEach buyer will be more than satisfied with the AUKEY V4 1 Sports On Ear Headphones. These are perfect and also work very well. The headphones fit well on the ears and are also always bring a lot of pleasure in sports. Thus, finally, each get a few cheap Bluetooth headset, which are also really low. The headset will be easy to learn really well from the operation. Everything can be done intuitively, which is appreciated by many buyers. A look at the manual is often not necessary.

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