Audiomax HB-8A Bluetooth On Ear Headphones

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Review: Audiomax HB-8A Bluetooth On Ear Headphones

Audiomax HB-8A Bluetooth Headphones in Test

I desperately needed new headphones. This time, it should be that no cable and collapsible, because I travel a lot and wanted to enjoy at home flexibility. That there should be an On Ear Model, was clear from the beginning, because the one I carry it dear, on the other hand I would not be completely isolated from the outside world. So I chose the HB-8A Bluetooth headset from Audiomax in a simple and timeless black. Even the packaging tells me that I have probably not made the worst choice, because it looks very high and be grabbed. The headphones are stowed in a plastic tray, so you nothing can happen during transport. At first I was surprised that nothing was attached, but after looking at the shell I found on the one hand a cloth bag and two cables in a plastic bag. It is a USB cable and a 3.5mm audio cable, with which the headset can be charged  

First impression

They come in the folded state and are deployed with two handles, which is confirmed by a slight "click". However Much important is the interior, for which I have already sent back some models again. That's why it went directly to the sensing. The the stirrup is very soft and the metal underneath hardly to feel. The earcups are very fluffy and have a good grip. Weight Technically, I do not find it very difficult. The mix between the matt black and silver like very much visually and looks very classy. Not only the ports, but the buttons for volume and call function are located on the right side of the headphones. Microphone and connectors are on the bottom, the buttons on the back. The first wear test was very pleasant, because they fit snugly but not too tightly.  

In daily use

In practical tests, I was able to discover that they also sit on the head when I once had to hurry to race track - go jogging I would go with them but probably not, because I rely further on In Ears. Whether I spend hours listening to music, on the phone or something do with them, the battery will last long and uncomfortable by them mine never become. but equally important is the sound I can only describe as excellent. Neither rushes you hear it, nor are the highs or lows to extreme. That's just my view, because everyone perceives sound differently. The buttons are easy to use and for me it is not difficult to get the right, if I do not hingucke. The connectivity has worked very well, from my phone, the Bluetooth headset is detected directly. If not, but would have had no worries, to fix the problem, because in the manual some tips are given.


conclusion guyI own the Audiomax headphones now a few weeks and do not want them to give up. It is not easy to find suitable and well-fitting headphones at a good price, but this one I would buy again and recommend it. I have used virtually every day and so far the cushions are still soft and not worn. From the sound I am very excited. I've had much more expensive headphones that have scratched their money and were absolutely not worth it. For this I paid about 65 euros and am completely satisfied. A good hearing is very important to me, so I put value on quality and like to spend even more money if it worth it. Negative is not noticed. In the long run I'll probably set another bag, but that is included, is a great thing that should at this price level but also come as standard.

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