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Test report: AgfaPhoto AF 5109PS HR Digital picture frame

The AgfaPhoto AF 5109PS HR Digi frame in the video

The high-quality 10-inch display of the AgfaPhoto digital picture frame works with the Crystal Image HD technology.The screen diagonal is 25 centimeters. The LED LCD display convinces with sharp images in HD with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The liquid crystal display provides sharp and high-resolution images in a good quality.  

Clear images in 4: 3 format

In addition, the digital picture frame has the LED backlight technology. The background lighting optimizes the clarity of the photos. The digital picture frame reliably reproduces 4: 3 images. Most digital cameras work with this image size. Other formats such as 16: 9 format the customer before playing on the computer.  

Low selection of supported image formats

The device plays image formats in JPEG. Others like JPG or RAW convert the customer into the appropriate file format before saving it on the device at the computer.  

Images without a follow-up effect

The digital collage operates with a high repetition frequency of 500 Hz. It minimizes the pull-back effect during dynamic movements. Thus, the customer always enjoys an optimal picture representation.  

Maximum luminosity and high contrast

The digital photo frame from AgfaPhoto offers a maximum luminosity of 300 candela. The high value promises you pictures in natural colors. With a contrast ratio of 500: 1, the device offers an above-average contrast.  

Built-in memory and 5-in-1 card reader

The digital picture frame contains an integrated 5-in-1 card reader for various memory cards. The device reads SD cards, multimedia cards, memory sticks, SDHC and XD. In addition, it has a USB port. The large internal memory accommodates up to 500 images.  

Simple use with 3-D effects

The operation of the AF 5109PS HR is child-friendly thanks to the dynamic and intuitive menu guidance with 3-D effects. The customer makes the settings on the back of the screen.  

Low power consumption and no pixel errors

The AF 5109PS HR digital photo frame from AgfaPhoto promises low power consumption. The timer function also saves energy costs, because the device does not run through. The manufacturer offers a zero-pixel error guarantee for an excellent digital image without any pixel errors.  

Features of the AF 5109PS HR

Basic features include the slideshow mode. In addition, there is a programmable 24-hour on / off timer. It allows you to preset the playback times. Thus, the device is only active when you want it. The Shuffle function allows you to play back your images in random order. After restarting the unit, the frame starts at the same point and does not start from the front.  

Additional features for the desk

In addition, the AF 5109PS HR features an integrated clock as well as a calendar. This makes the device ideal for your desk. The digital picture frame made of plastic is available in color black.  

Advantages of the digital picture frame

The 10-inch display with the Crystal Image HD technology offers crisp images with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.The LED backlight provides additional clarity and brings your photos to their best advantage. The digital photo frame has a high image-repeat frequency of 500 Hz. This minimizes the pull-along effect on the dynamic movements of your photographs. The AF 5109PS HR allows natural images with a maximum brightness of 300 candles and a contrast ratio of 500: 1. The device offers a great integrated memory and additional card slots for all popular storage media. Customers enjoy especially on the shuffle function. The device actually plays your images in random mode and always starts when the device is switched on at the point where it was exposed. Many other digital picture frames start from the front after restarting. The manufacturer uses low power consumption, which is also due to the integrated timer function.  

Disadvantages of AF 5109PS HR from AgfaPhoto

The picture frame only supports the picture format 4: 3. Other formats are converted by the customer to the device on the computer. He also plays only images in JPEG format. Although most digital cameras use this file format - for a digital picture frame, the playback bandwidth should be more sophisticated.


Conclusion guy

Entry-level model with good image quality

The digital picture frame captivates with sharp images in HD quality with additional background lighting. The display provides a high luminosity and a high contrast for natural photos. The internal memory allows you to store up to 500 images. So there will never be bored when you play the slide show in random mode. A small drawback is the fact that the device only images in 4: 3 mode and plays in JPEG format. It is not necessary to edit the photos beforehand. If you only expect a few functions from a digital picture frame, but an optimal image reproduction, is pleased with the AF 5109PS HR from AgfaPhoto.

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