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Review: Makita cordless screwdriver BDF343RHJ

In a practical test of Makita cordless screwdriver BDF343RHJ was tested and it was found that the quality and functionality that you would expect at Makita. This cordless screwdriver is not just a cordless screwdriver special, it is a rotary hammer without cable for more precision. Handy, leisungsstark and very effective to be handling shows in the test.

What you get as a customer for his money when Makita Borhschrauber from the test:

  • Lithium-ion Battery 14.4 volts with 1.3 Ah. The 3.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries can also be used
  • compact design the cordless drill with only 19.2 cm
  • electronic control via a central switch; infinitely variable speed control
  • secure forward / reverse run
  • high torque with 16 levels
  • separate drill
  • Included
  • Cordless Drill 14.4V BDF343RHJ, MAKPAC size 2,
  • 2 batteries BL1415 + Charger DC18RA
  • keyless

The test in practice the Makita BDF343RHJ

Initially revealed after unpacking from the supplied case the handling of the device. This cordless rotary hammer is balanced in each hand, as in the construction already the proportions were precisely measured. This business approach is highly beneficial and provide relief when permanent work with this tool. Especially in small corners and narrow spaces, these compact construction has absolute advantages, the electric screwdriver has experienced no performance penalty. Especially convincing is reflected in the test results when drilling with the Makita hammer drill, here you have a full-fledged rock drill for very hard and difficult material.  

Full transfer of power thanks to the good gear

Commercial electric screwdriver today work mostly with a gear made of plastic. Here at Makita, the manufacturer, as usual built for the brand, a high-quality transmission of light metal. On the one hand the enormous torque produced a very good strength development and this metal type: manual shows no weaknesses in the transmission that was also reflected in the practical test at the turn of screws convincing. Other models from different manufacturers have been here often fit with these values and here the Makita machine has clear advantages. This cordless rotary hammer is not a typical DIY device but a complete professional-use tool for the experienced craftsman who can appreciate the advantages exactly. In conjunction with the low weight, the compact design with dimensions tending to 19 cm, this machine is convincing handy.  

The good quality of Makita cordless screwdriver BDF343RHJ Test

Keyless are usually fixed so tight not, as one needs a drill chuck for hard materials. This chuck of Makita cordless drill, but here holds the comparison with conventional drill chucks other manufacturers and brands. This allows tension quickly that the test showed vividly. These features include a clear indicator for the very high quality of all details the Makita cordless drill. The test also examined the charging power, here Convincing showed, for the two lithium-ion batteries with 1.3 ampere hours are comfortable and simply last longer than other batteries. In addition, the charger has a compelling quick charge function that really enables a very short time to load these batteries. In addition, other batteries with 3 amps can be inserted, then bring even more power. This was demonstrated in the test as very practical.  

Right or left turn, what it's worth in the test

This small and handy Makita cordless drill showed almost continuously in clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.Everything can be controlled via the well-mounted central switch and a handle This function can be selected. This hammer has what it takes, because no matter in which direction you want to drilling or screwing there are no weaknesses. With about 1400 grams of the electric screwdriver is perfect and as I said, completely balanced and without loads in the hand. These properties could not only prove in the test, but many craftsmen that mark is simple desires.  

The optics and the design

How should already look screwdriver, here at Makita one recognizes him unmistakably to the striking turquoise color Petrol color. It is unique and it shows immediately, this model does not have the usual red trims, but the contrast color is black. It seems like a new design, the design itself is but classic. An important feature for Makita cordless drill is always the case, or rather the system case which houses his mitgliefertes accessories and the instruction manual. Everything is simple, robust and professional and the results in the test the impression of real quality, which was confirmed by the test. Larger screws, large holes in concrete or as the drill steel are its strength and this shows what the designers are considering the test. Of course, it is somewhat more expensive than other brands, but can really convince in every respect. Be it the batteries, the chuck or the housing made of durable ABS plastic, this machine really keeps toughest environments.  

There are cheaper electric screwdriver, but probably no one better

This model of Makita showed what it can in the test, especially liked the compactness, the little squat something that fits in almost every corner and here takes on the most difficult tasks. This cordless rotary hammer is a masterpiece in the design and execution, and here you really know what you invested every euro. This cordless screwdriver is simply indispensable on every construction site and even on the color can define which quality works here.


conclusion guy If, in the test detects a conclusion, then you can say price and performance match. This cordless screwdriver Makita's after the test in all functions really at the height of power. The engine power, torque in conjunction with the safe and reliable transmission and the direct transfer of force in the quick-action chuck. So must a cordless screwdriver function and the test showed at no task weaknesses. Makita is a brand that is based on experience and the customer provides convincing reliability. This model of Makita cordless screwdriver BDF343RHJ can further convince than its larger competitors of its own brand. This cordless screwdriver is easy manageable and therefore more flexible, that distinguishes it in particular and just makes this model so interesting for the experienced handyman. Here you've bought a battery Electical screwdriver which keeps really long. The quality and range of performance confident in the test with any needs and here you have, thanks to the 2 batteries always enough power for each screw and each bore.

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