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Review: Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver Home Series

The Bosch logo cordless screwdriver IXO _ Homer Series appeared in a test with practical applications as a very small, lightweight and yet functional helper. He's just sure at hand and of course you can not expect benefits like a large battery drill that he contributed but convinced the test professionals and savvy Do it yourself disciples. The most interesting thing is what he has to offer is its original lithium-ion technology, which gives it despite its compact design and its simple construction much force.

The test showed that this cordless screwdriver from Bosch in trend is

Previously, took a screwdriver and tries to force his hands to help. Today, any housewife can screw a turn and unscrew, if it has such a small helper. Especially makes this cordless screwdriver from Bosch very independent and he appeared in the test as a development directly to the budget of a single, once would quickly do his work. For this purpose it is best suited and also specially designed. Akkuschrauber belong to a trend, because many furniture stores to sell kits and what is better than this cordless screwdriver this size Bosch? Here are its strengths that was in the test clearly, because his real strengths lie with this torque at precision work. The cordless screwdriver is now part of a kind of basic equipment of the domestic tool and so we can observe a trend, which includes this class devices. Especially with all the convenience and ergonomics, this Bosch cordless screwdriver Home Series was very pleasant and so this screwdriver also makes every woman a good impression.  

Design, color and good workmanship

When the Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver Home Series from the package takes, then takes him for the first time in the hand, it feels very high quality. This cordless screwdriver is held in the typical colors of Bosch, green and red that are the colors in which one recognizes the quality of Bosch in the test. Despite its small size, it is like an extension of the hands in hand and decided here about the torque what he can to can. Those who want to build a cabinet without wires, which is very well equipped with this high-quality small electric screwdriver. The test showed that here the screw insertion is working fine and without tearing. He has a torque limit that can be adjusted continuously. Bosch provided the test with this device a compelling example. However, if you expect more, you should buy a model higher. This cordless screwdriver is designed special for simple and easy tasks in tight corners and under low ambient conditions, no electric screwdriver around like a hammer.  

The test showed force is not dependent on the size

The Home Series and in particular the IXO cordless screwdriver from Bosch is a household helper and not a professional cordless screwdriver for a construction site. This fact should already remember well when shopping that also showed the applications under test. It is, strictly speaking, only for applications with screws and small drills. As already described, was dispensed in the test for the heavy drilling or tightening about the long screws.Here is what this type of device to the build up of cupboards, a shelf, or about a turn of a screw in a predrilled hole.Everywhere where you have to tighten screws or something easy, that's his area of responsibility for this cordless screwdriver. This can be seen not only in its size but you can tell by the revolutions.  

Bosch attaches importance to good ergonomics and quality

Even when touching you realize what type of device this cordless screwdriver embodies. The soft grip the lightweight body and the delicate nature that the features are strikingly demonstrated in the test. He is just comfortable to hold. He is also very high, because it shows the narrow gaps and its very good processing of high quality materials. These characteristics made in test convincingly well noticeable when you have to tighten a screw around in a narrow drawer or wants to drill in a shelf. Here in this environment, this cordless drill feels comfortable and does a lot. So its handling on the test to be described as a really easy and comfortable and every woman is to get along well with this screwdriver, although they may have an affinity for this type equipment.  

This one gets technically for his money, the technical values:

  • 5.00 mm Bolt capacity than maximum performance
  • 215 U / min
  • 4.5 Nm torque
  • 1.3 Ah nominal capacity of the battery
  • Weight total approx 1300 gr.

Advantage of Lithium Technology in the batteries from Bosch

This type of device was found in the test as a permanently ready. In the test showed, for example if the battery is only half full, you can safely download and then after a short time the battery is fully charged. This means for this type of battery is a memory effect unheard of and especially the short charging time then makes him so valuable.Once the power is fully charged, then discharges nothing more, except to work with. This results in the test an observation that this cordless screwdriver theoretically is always ready for use. Even after long periods should be available to factory specifications still 92% energy. In short-term test, this was already confirmed.  

Full performance in test

The battery is the secret of success of this small cordless screwdriver for the handyman. Unlike conventional batteries and screwdriver is here a 60% advantage of Ernergienutzung. There is no heat generation, and total discharge is technically impossible. These designated properties lead to a long life of this cordless screwdriver and make it so valuable. Here you really get quality at an attractive price that confirm all results of the test.


conclusion guy The bottom line for small and ergonomically designed cordless screwdriver Bosch IXO from the Home Series falls out very well.Specially built for the purpose in the house to pull all the little screws it is exactly the right. The highlight is the increasingly energy battery lasts ready when you need them. The test showed good values and a good balance of price and performance. This cordless screwdriver staple in every household.

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