Bauknecht TK EcoStar 8 A +++ clothes dryer

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Test report: Bauknecht TK EcoStar 8 A +++ clothes dryer

The Bauknecht TK EcoStar 8 has the energy efficiency class A +++ and this is currently the best. For an average of 8 kilograms of laundry, the average electricity consumption is only 236 kWh. This is the value for the 160 standard drying cycles in a year. Only 4.48 kWh of electricity is required for a drying operation. However, the drying process takes 201 minutes, which means that the dryer is extremely economical, but not the fastest. The best class of A is also achieved in the condensation efficiency class. During operation, the sound emission is pleasantly quiet at 65 dB. Overall, the TK EcoStar 8 offers four basic programs and there are many additional functions. The right program is generally available for every application. The EcoMonitor of the device is interesting and this shows the expected energy efficiency in a selected program. The best and most economical drying program is always found. Apart from the standard programs, there are other additional functions and programs. With WollePro there is drying without the additional wool basket and with SoftFinish is provided for the cuddly soft wash. The most delicate wash can be dried with silk very gently. For sportswear and delicate blouses, there is supersafety, because gentle drying is required at low temperatures. Mix is used to achieve the same washing and drying of cotton in one run. Thanks to XXL, the large laundry items can be dried very optimally.  

The basic programs, the display, the design and the processing

There is the program EcoMonitor and this is very economical. There is also the standard program for normal laundry. Then there is WollePro for wool and also SoftFinish for the cuddly soft wash. On the display, Bauknecht offers a residual display. Then there are the additional keys for many different additional functions. The additional functions include time programs, child safety, end time preselection, fine adjustment of the drying degree in 3 steps, care and care +. Bauknecht uses a diagonal airflow for uniform drying. Thanks to the housing edges, which are strongly rounded, the appliance from Bauknecht can optically protrude from the mass of the clothes dryers. The white color is however classic with the device. The front side is dominated by the large glass door and the display is located above. On the right is the program selection switch and the condensation water tank on the left. The processing of the device is really very good and there is nothing sharp-edged or rattles.  

Important information

It is a heat pump dryer for eight kilograms of laundry. Not only is the highest energy efficiency offered, but there is also 4 years of manufacturing guarantee. Each buyer receives a certificate for the warranty of 4 years. The device offers many features and the UltimateCare technology, which ensures the ultimate gentle care. At Bauknecht, three innovations are working together. Then there is the special wool care program, which ensures the extra-gentle care and also the fast, even drying. It can be said that the laundry is gently slid by the 3D airflow. The garments are thus optimally protected and thus clothing remains longer than new. The device works sustainably and economically and compared to a dryer with class A the energy saving can be 65 percent. The manufacturer indicates that the annual weight of consumption is 176.5 kilowatt hours. The overall consumption is given with 236 kilowatt hours. In the noise emission the device is quiet with 65 dB in comparison. The EcoMonitor always keeps an eye on energy consumption. The expected energy consumption is already projected during the loading and also in the choice of the program. Wool or other delicate textiles always require a gentle treatment and, for example, WoolPerfection is available in the heat pump dryer. The drum then turns in both directions and so there is very gentle drying for the wool.


Conclusion guy The TK EcoStar 8 is one of the most economical heat pump dryers. All programs have been designed for the gentle cleaning and at the same time for the largest possible spare effect. This, however, can also result in a drying cycle which is sometimes repeated. So if you want to do something for the environment and if saving is more important, then it is an ideal device. Made in Germany stands for the German quality and also the price-performance ratio is very good. It is not for nothing that Bauknecht is a German brand manufacturer and thus a leading position is achieved in the equipment class.

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