AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC Condenser

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Test report: AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC condenser

Exterior design

The AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC condenser has an attractive front panel. The arrangement of the controls is clear and self-explanatory. This condenser is of the type front loader, the water container is easily accessible. The dimensions are appropriate for this device type with a height of 83 cm and a footprint of 58 cm x 60 cm. It is not designed as an installation or substructure.  

Technical features and functions

The unit is equipped with 12 drying programs and two time programs. It is displayed when the water tank is full or the condenser has to be cleaned. Also for the lint filter there is a cleaning indicator, but it is recommended to clean after each drying cycle. One highlight is the equipment with an electronic humidity control, the OptiSense. This top feature is electronically controlled by light sensors in the drum and ensures the optimization of the energy consumed. OptiSense measures the moisture level in the machine. The program length is adapted to the actual drying requirement. As soon as the desired degree of dryness is reached, the program stops automatically and the anti-crease phase begins when you have switched it on. Another highlight is the ProTex process. This particular type of condensation drying allows the laundry to slide on an air film, the air supply is gentle and is adjusted to the texture and structure of the laundry. In combination with the change of direction during operation, the textiles are dried gently and tissue-friendly. Even delicate garments can be dried with this device. Thanks to the AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC, the Silent system owes its running stability. With an operating noise of 64 dB, it is one of the low-noise devices, a plus when you want to place the device in the home.  

Handling and ease of use

The AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC is easy to use. The LCD display can be used to set the start time individually and the remaining time is displayed. The programs are self-explanatory and are precisely limited in time by the OptiSense for load quantity and moisture level. The door is factory-designed for right-handed people but can easily be changed to a left-hand stop. For commissioning, the dryer is switched on, connected to a 230V socket and is therefore ready for operation. The lint filter and the water container are easily accessible and easy to clean or empty. The heat exchanger is located under the door and is also easily accessible. It must be cleaned manually. A signal indicates when this is necessary.  

Energy class and performance features

The AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC has the energy efficiency class B, so it is not the most economical. Consumption values are rather average. The device convinces by relatively short drying times and thus compensates for the slightly higher energy consumption. A full load requires 1h40min for drying. The power consumption is 3.85 kWh at 1,400 rpm and 4.48 kWh at 1000 rpm for the program Schranktrocken with pre-centrifed laundry. However, the OptiSense ensures that the laundry actually reaches the desired degree of dryness. The AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC shows excellent results for a device of this price class. The drum has a capacity of 8 kg, the only drawback is the lack of interior lighting.  

Drying programs and special functions

The AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC has six standard programs for mixing fabrics and cotton for three drying stages, ironing, drying and drying, as well as six special programs for lightweight ironing, sportswear, jeans, bed linen, down and fine linen (wool / silk). These features enable the device to be used in a targeted manner. The gentle program is suitable for sensitive textiles. The time pre-selection allows the drying start to be programmed and thus adapted to the day sequence.Another program option is crease protection by program end. Thus one does not have to constantly check whether the dry passage is finished, there is a signal that can be adjusted. Technical data at a glance - Housing color: white - Dimensions: H85 x B58 cm x T60 cm - weight: 39.46 kg - Voltage: 230V - Fuse: 16 amps - Power consumption: 2.8 kW - Capacity: 8 kg or 118 liters - Yearly energy consumption: 560 kWh - energy efficiency class B - condenser efficiency class A - operating noise 64 dB  


Conclusion guyWith the AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC you get a powerful device with convincing drying performance. In its price class this dryer is to be located in the upper quality class, although it can only have the energy efficiency class B. It convinces through textile-friendly drying by means of ProTex and reversing function and precise execution of the set drying degrees by the equipment with OptiSense. The AEG LAVATHERM T65280AC offers a healthy price-performance ratio and is recommended for customers who do not want to use the dryer intensively rather sporadically, especially in the winter months.

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