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Review: Nikon Coolpix S33 Compact Camera


General facts about the Nikon Coolpix S33

With under 100EUR - to be precise around 90EUR - is the Nikon Coolpix S33 compact camera is not the most expensive model of Nikon. Find out what to expect so for such a low price? This camera is the successor model of the Nikon Coolpix S32 and the optical forth very similar. Also similar is the sensor with its strong 13 megapixels, triple zoom, simple operation and the water resistance. But what is new about the successor model? Granted, the housing looks like a toy camera, but which one should not be deceived. This camera is taking tough.Up to an hour can they with the water take up to a water depth of 10 meters. Whether Lake, bathtub, swimming pool or in the sea. Temperatures of -10 ° Celsius to 40 ° Celsius is not a problem for the camera. Even a drop of up to 1.5 meters are the outdoor camera from no further problem. So it is very robust in all respects.  

Dimensions and Operation

The camera has a dimensions of 10.9 x 6.7 x 3.7 (WxHxD) centimeters, weighs 180 grams, making it extremely convenient and easy. The display is 2.7 inches and very manageable dissolves 230,000 pixels. In this price range for waterproof digital cameras that roughly corresponds to the standard. Very handy when the camera's built-in automatic program that the light and weather conditions adapts automatically (eg brightness). In the settings you can not do much wrong therefore actually. The menu is self-explanatory and extra geared to children, so that every adult should also understand this. Nevertheless, there is a setting that you can change the menu in a grown-up mode, which yet but is not much more complicated than the children's menu.Only the brightness setting you can easily change. Specialist settings such as set the shutter speed or fiddling with the screen are not possible with this camera. Those looking for something, go and buy a camera of a higher price range.  

Quality of the pictures taken

First of all: We must not forget at this point that there is an approximately 100EUR camera is still "only". Although the 13 megapixel sensor like pretty much sound at first glance, but the "problem" lies in the details. The image sensor has dimensions of 1 / 3.1 inches. This means that the reproduction of detail for photo experts but to a little lacking leaves. Even with the 100% view, noise is noticeable. In addition, a field of waste is also towards the edges noticeable. Even the 2.7 inch screen is not too sharp with 230,000 pixels. This may at first glance might all sound very negative, but that's all clearly perceptible if one is just a photo expert.And this camera is clearly not intended for imaging experts, but for amateur photographers, underwater shots and therefore perfectly adequate for the intended function. The underwater scenes are very good for this price range. Even underwater works automatic face detection, for example, super.  

Technical status of the Nikon S33

To praise this camera is, for example, the auto-focus, which responds surprisingly quickly. Also pleasantly surprised, the possible shooting. Here, the Nikon Coolpix S33 comes in five frames per second and a total of eleven images per series. According to the manufacturer Nikon, the battery life amounts to 220 about shots by CIPA standard. This is to confirm and also the minimum that is possible within a single battery charge. Assuming you can not run permanently unused camera. For data transfer and also for recharging the camera has a mini USB port, as it is at this day walk and add. Every smartphone owner should therefore have a spare cable on hand, if the supplied cable should get lost once. A total of 17 creative or scene modes are available. These include fireworks shot or Colour Key. The Miniature Effect camera is even transferable to the Full HD video at 30 frames per second, including stereo sound. What unfortunately lacks is an optical image stabilizer. This would provide reliable protection against Mikroverwacklern. Light camera shake can therefore occasionally occur unfortunately.

Positive aspects of S33:

- Compact and lightweight - Program Mode - easy operation - good autofocus - even underwater automatic face recognition - robust housing - 17 different Creative Modes - good performance in picture series - micro USB port


conclusion guy For normal shots in the fresh air or average underwater shots this camera is perfectly adequate. Very noteworthy is the very easy operation. Four action buttons, a directional pad, gallery button and photo and video trigger - nothing more. Available camera in silver or bright colors are blue, pink or yellow. No later than this should be made clear that the manufacturer Nikon it aside primarily to children with the camera. For the adults, Nikon now offers significantly better underwater cameras. This camera is so more suitable for family trips or vacation memories when the children also would like to shoot a few pictures. Due to the robustness of this camera, you can leave the children they no major concerns, without that you have to worry constantly that something breaks or stops working afterwards.

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