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Review: Canon IXUS 170 compact camera

The Canon IXUS 170 compact camera promises brilliant images, this can of course not be measured with an SLR and compare. But here is the low weight of only 122 grams and of course, the small and compact construction.Ideal for amateur photographers and of course for the road, so the happy hours also may be the same are captured on pictures.  

Non wobbler

Who knows the problem, the images all look as if the photographer had trembled. This can offset the camera completely, which then crisp images may arise. However, there is a vulnerability in the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera is the only in daylight. The images in the dark are blurry, but this usually is not a problem. In addition, the reproduction is not good on the screen, the testers complained about blurry images. However, to quickly once to see the pictures taken, is this plenty. Featured however, have all testers light weight and easy handling. Thus, in any case ensured that the camera always ready to hand is to then make one or another snapshot. In addition, the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera offers even more comfort, which then also absolute layman can make guarantees outstanding photos. In addition, with the camera even smaller films are made, which can be an advantage for very special occasions, of course. But that is not the performance is far from over, because the small Canon IXUS 170 compact camera has more to offer.  

Small camera without compromise

Of course, the promises of the manufacturer, where often they are not respected. Therefore, no comparison with an SLR should be taken, but the camera can be so much more. Especially the automatic zoom, which always ensures that can be live ammunition and without error the images. Thus, really everyone take good pictures, which was until recently still more of an art. Beautiful snapshots were there a matter of luck, which is no longer the case with the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera. However, with the limitation that can be made on the day the best pictures. At dark or gloomy weather effects, this really works no longer with the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera. Here the camera is weakening significantly, in which case it outweigh the benefits. This also say all subjects who were average very satisfied with the camera and the pictures. It all stressed the ease of use, but above all the high quality of the individual images. Just as there were no wobbles or blurred images, but only in daylight, at dusk, the result was much worse.  

Specifications according to manufacturer:

  • Shooting at wide angle, or 24 times without any loss of quality
  • play 20 megapixel every detail exactly
  • crisp photos and movies thanks to intelligent IS, in every conceivable situation
  • Battery WS 800
  • Charger for the battery
  • power cable
  • Canon IXUS 170 compact camera
  • A hand strap
  • A quick guide is included in delivery
  • The complete User Guide is available as a free download

No Full HD and Wifi

This lack of the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera, which then has yet led to some point deductions. What is more, which is the complete user only as a download, which is inconvenient for some people. It should still be people who get along completely without Internet, which this then a complete user manual is denied. Of course, does not affect the quality of the images and the ease of use, but led with the testers in point deduction. Just as the lack of Wifi now put many emphasis on. However, just the simple handling should be emphasized, because the camera can also make the zoom entirely autonomously. Only the flash needs to be set, otherwise the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera is directly ready to make for then at appropriate light beautiful snapshots. Especially without blurred images that may have occurred already by wobbling. Here are aware of the past tense, because with the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera are sharp all pictures. Always with an eye to the right lighting conditions, which may be impaired even in gloomy weather.  

Small and handy

For example, the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera introduces what can keep these then. The battery lasts a long time, which in turn is on the go a big advantage. Of course, such a compact camera does not fulfill all wishes, but good and especially sharp images are possible. These are some effects that are possible with the camera, such as facial recognition technology or creative filters that put then many a picture in a different light. The wide-angle lens not only promises great shots, but this can just keep in group pictures well. In addition, of course, is still the price, which should provide further incentive for many here. Of course, 170 compact camera compromises have to be made even with the Canon IXUS, but not the pictures. These are at sufficient light really sharp, especially thanks to the image stabilizer.


conclusion guyOf course, one or the other tester had too high an expectation, just this which have an SLR owned. But there were image quality, some positive surprises, just because the test was taken in everyday situations.Especially the really absolute ease of use was the point all testers felt they were very positive. Even inexperienced testers were able to achieve very good results 170 compact camera with the Canon IXUS. Thus, this really is making for everyday use, or simply for beautiful vibrant shots on vacation. People who expect more, for a compact camera rather not suitable. However, the extras are here really worked out very well, which can then change the images. Thus has the Canon IXUS 170 compact camera everything should have a modern camera, the tester would naturally have liked to have had wifi here. Some testers found the solution with the complete user manual is not well solved, since older people will want to have nothing to do with the Internet. But otherwise the test result was more than positive, because the camera really makes very good and sharp images. However, the lighting conditions must be true then but since the images otherwise but be very blurred.

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