Zekiwa Sport DUO Twin Carriage

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Test report: Zekiwa Sport DUO Zwillingskinderwagen

Twins are always something very special and it is not at all surprising that the mother orders a baby carriage from Zekiwa for the child or children. Because this baby car has many advantages over other cars. It can be used both for the twins, but also for a sibling. This car is more than just practical and will offer both children a very safe place.Parents should always buy such a car, because much good can be done. The children will love their car, and that is the main thing. If the car is used for a sibling child, then it should also fulfill all possible requirements and thus also really good benefits can be fulfilled. Because the car can also be adjusted and can be both a sports car, as well as a normal stroller. It is all included in this set, which the mother needs to go right away. 

Many accessories possible

Of course the tub for the babies or better still two tubs are available. However, there is also a lot of optional accessories with which the nut can be equipped. This makes the car even better, and it also makes much more.The car can even get an upgrade with the accessories. It can be used very well when everything is bought. For example, a great sunshade can be bought for every child or a great changing bag that fits the car. This car is always conspicuous, which alone makes the fact that two children can be bedded in it. With this car is really something good bought and that is also of long durability.  

The structure of the car

Zekiwa's twin-sledding car naturally costs more than just a simple baby carriage. But still worth buying. Despite the fact that this car is very large, really great comfort can be created for the child. The children will feel comfortable in it. Each child has its own tub in which it can lie. The cars are also equipped with two sports car attachments and this is perfect when the children are growing. It does not have to be bought separately. These cars are always great for all children and the mutti will be perfect. The car offers high comfort and is also beautiful. He will be perfect for twins and look good.  

The frame

There is a great frame here, which guarantees the babies a great fun. These two will not even notice that they are pushed, because the suspension is really good here. The front wheels are rotatable by 360 degrees and this is a perfect feature. This makes it very manoeuvrable despite its size and can always be present in a confined space.Whether in elevators or on escalators, the car will be. Of course, by this circumstance also the tub is somewhat smaller and the children can not lie so long in it. But when children can sit, the world is explored in a different way.This car is no problem at all. Parents can enjoy what their children discover and explore on a daily basis. The bikes, which should be checked from time to time are very practical and also perfect for this car. The children are thus even better cushioned and, of course, can also safely sit in the car. With this car is certainly no regrets. Of course the optional accessory has to be purchased, but that should not be a problem for the parents. Because that too will be worth it. Then fit everything and it looks even better.  

The packaging!

The car is safely packed and needs to be opened first. But the mom and dad of the twins can test the same whether the car fits into their own vehicle. Because it can be a problem if that is not the case. With such a car is always an important commitment entered. It is important that the children are well catered for, and that should be extremely important to parents. With a good and safe car like this, the twins will definitely always be in good hands. They will also have a lot of fun and enjoy everything. The everyday life will be much better by this car.


Conclusion guy When choosing the right pram, parents should always be on their guard.There are important points which should also be fulfilled. This is the only reason why the stroller will be exciting and, above all, fit. This car is great and looks really good. He also makes a lot of things and will be perfect for twins. It is then possible to provide each child with their own sleeping habits and to make everything even better. Through this car the child is always safe and well cared for and will be able to enjoy everything in it.The car is perfect and looks very good. He makes great joy and not only by pushing. It is great to carry the children around in this car and to spend with them everyday life. With this car, everything is even more fun and more exciting. Because the car is crucial for the comfort of the baby.That's good to know.