Akjax Gemini Twin Carriage

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Test report: Akjax Gemini Zwillingskinderwagen

For the Akjax Gemini Zwillingskinderwagen one had to lie down before the price reduction more than 200 euros more. Now you can buy the car for only 399.90 euros and also gets a free delivery. This is especially worthwhile if you live on a higher floor or something similar. The car is very stable and has a very stable steel frame construction, it is equipped with a 5-point harness system with additional strap upholstery.On the one hand, this provides for the safety of the children, but also for the fact that the car is quite heavy and lies well on the road.The children are very safe in the car and there is a backrest which can be individually adjusted for each child so that one child can sleep peacefully while the other child can sit awake and upright, and can follow everything around him. You can buy the Akjax Gemini Twin Car in many colors and it is also this color that makes the car a bit special.However, not only beauty is crucial, especially the safety of baby carriages counts. The models of the Akjax Gemini Zwillingskinderwagen are manufactured according to the European safety standard DIN EN 1888 and correspond to the safety standards, which are also necessary for the safe transport of the valuable cargo. They have been tested and have also undergone further development steps to determine whether these cars can also make everyday life easier with twins. The car is included in the scope of delivery and includes many extras. Thus, the vehicle has a beverage holder which can be used to hold the bottles. This is handy when you are on your own and have to feed the children. This can quickly become an acrobatic masterpiece if one has to feed with one hand and with the other hand the bottle of the other child should hold. For life on the road, the car is perfectly equipped, the Akjax Gemini twin caravan has a changing mat, so that the children can be wrapped anywhere and at any time. In addition, a sun protection and sun screen is included to protect the sensitive skin and sensitive eyes of the children.


Conclusion guy The Gemini twin caravan is from Akjax. The Zwillingskinderwagen has a very stable steel frame construction. Due to the 5-point harness system with additional belt padding, babies lie perfectly in the softtray bag. And because of the belt system, small children sit well in the baby carriage.The "Gemini" twins child carrier can individually adjust the backrest for each child. The Zwillingskinderwagen is manufactured according to the European safety standard DIN EN 1888 and therefore very well processed.


The Zwillingskinderwagen still has some functions such as the height-adjustable slewing slides and it can easily be converted to a twin buggies. So that you can use the baby carriage even when jogging. The folding system makes it possible to initiate the comfortable and simple change of the direction of travel. The twin car can also be folded quickly.

The suspension:

The 4x suspension is adjustable in 2 steps. Thanks to the suspension, the twin car can even run on uneven surfaces. The Zwillingskinderwagen also has a large shopping basket below. You can also remove the safety strap. In addition, it also has a large pocket on the soft top. In warm weather there is an air-conditioning on the convertible top and in the rain there is a viewing window.


The "Gemini" twin caravan has a lot of accessories. Amongst other things, a foot-rest for the baby caravan, a soft-carry bag with sun protection, a matching wraparound bag with belt, a stretcher for the baby carriage, a rain protection for the bad weather, a safety bar for the sports car mode, a mosquito net for the warm weather is also included , A matching changing mat, a drink holder and a suitable umbrella to protect the children from the sun. The diaper bag is detachable so that you can take it with you into the changing area or wash the parts individually. One can be so sure that one is always optimally placed in terms of hygiene. All materials, which are attached to the baby carriage, are adapted to the baby carriages and have been thoroughly tested as well as the baby carriage. They do not take into account any risk of injury to children and also in terms of harmful substances. Neither the substances nor other additional parts are contaminated with any harmful substances, the plastic parts are all examined for plasticizer and the tested quality can be seen in terms of security as well as the accessories.


The "Gemini" twin caravan can be ordered in many different colors. So there is something for everyone. One can also secure the expenses, which do not necessarily provide a conclusion on the sex of the child, if again a second child should be planned or one is considering the Zwillingskinderwagen after the use again sell. There is a wide selection of neutral colors, which are complemented by beautiful baby colors in the usual boy or girl colors.


The "Gemini" twin caravan weighs 24 kg. So the twin car is not a light weight. Still, it can be said that it is ok for a twin car. The car is quite heavy compared to a single car, but it is also good on the road. In addition, one must say that the Zwillingskinderwagen has a very stable construction and thus lasts for a long time. The added weight thus pays off in the form of more stability. The Zwillingskinderwagen has many functions, it is great and is so well designed, that one can also easily convert it. And this can convert the baby carriage to a buggy or sports car. The stroller is a good suspension, so you can drive also on uneven surfaces. It has a very good belt system and has an easy-to-use folding system.

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