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Test report: Knorr-Baby Harmony Umbragrau Kombikinderwagen

The car is not only a good model for the city, but also combines the advantages of city carriages with the best of what you need for an off-road vehicle. The manufacturer calls the Knorr Baby Kombikinderwagen a real geldel simousine. This means that the combi-van is combined with an excellent and noble equipment, with a robust equipment and exclusive exterior equipment. The combi-trailer is made of eco leather and the outer frames are made of chrome. The chrome frame ensures that the baby carriage does not just look good, it looks classy, exclusive and valuable.The baby's seat is flexible within the tub, and the child's ability to adjust in the head area makes the child more comfortable and comfortable. It can thus optimally perceive its environment and sees everything that is happening around it. But when the child wants to sleep, this is not a problem. The adjustable bathtub in the head area thanks to the child can sleep or look, lie or sit and be upright or stay in the lying position. This allows parents to transport the baby's seat even more comfortably. For more comfort on the move, the large diaper bag makes the winding of the child independent of the facilities that you find in public facilities. In addition, the car can be converted without major problems, to a real sports car. This can also be used when the car once has to withstand a more intense load, for example when hiking or jogging. Both the baby bath, the car blanket and the mattress are also made of high-quality manufactured and harmful substances, which gently play the baby and from cold protection. The outer materials are made of eco-leather softener and protect the padded and soft interior of the baby tub against the weather. This is made from tested baby-skin-like substances. All interior fabrics are removable and washable, so that the hygiene is in any case given to a sufficient extent. The base of the bath is adjustable so that the upper body can lie down as it is comfortable for the child. In addition, the carpet can be removed to allow optimum ventilation in case of need. You can still change the seat position further by changing and adjusting the footrest.


Conclusion guy


The airspeed wheels of the pushchair are designed in such a way that the car can be easily pushed and does not give up the spirit even in rough terrain. You can still move and rotate the tires even if you have a steep incline or if the car has to be moved between cobblestones.Overall, it is a vehicle with a good manageability and an easy management hand. It also has a good radius, if you have to turn on a small surface or move in narrow aisles, the stroller can nevertheless be controlled and moved well.

Load capacity

The trolley is very easy to carry, because it can be controlled very easily and very comfortably, especially on exits in rough terrain. It has a rod brake, which stands for safe handling and also brakes very well.


The car is very appealing due to its chrome and leather look and is very expensive and noble. Nevertheless, the materials are designed for durability and can be enjoyed with a little care very long. One must assume that you must invest some care in the car to keep the chrome beautiful and shiny. Apart from that, however, the look is adaptable, depending on whether you want to be on the road with the sporty off-road vehicle, or whether you prefer to conjure the sleek city carpet.


The processing of the car is good and even if you have to convert the car once you can be sure that you can easily convert it back. The car can also be easily controlled over rough terrain and has many advantages due to the stable and high-quality workmanship with high-quality and expensive materials. The car has a convincing concept, one should be able to convert it easily and with few hand movements to a terrain-driven vehicle. This can only be confirmed. The fabrics do not bleach even after prolonged use, but are still colorfully long and beautiful, which is not insignificant in such a comprehensive overall impression.


The car is very comfortable and not just for the child. For Mami, a huge bag was attached to the front of the baby carriage, which offers space for all the important utensils that you as a parent always have with you, but where you do not really know where to go with it. But this is not enough, this stroller is not only a style wonder, but also a space wonder, because under the baby tub is still a space enough for purchases and other things that can be transported with the baby carriage. This also contains the wrapping pad, which prevents a child from having to wrap himself on supermarket wrapping pads. With this stroller it is not only good to look at and has everything, you can start from a good handling, the conversion is effortless and easy to loosen, all parts are washable and detachable and the lying comfort in the baby tub looks the same. Anyone who has let his baby lie down here knows that this is what makes children happy. And as a parent you have a good feeling, because it is a tested quality which is still convincing even with a low-pollutant presentation and equipment. But if that is not enough, the versatile use of the car will really convince.

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