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Test report: Chic 4 Baby 150 40 Kombikinderwagen

When a new-born child is born with a young parent, one of the questions that must be clarified before birth is what is needed for a baby carriage when the child is born.Before deciding for a model, it should be clarified whether you are buying a car from which the child can quickly grow or a combination car, which can be used even after half a year or longer. As far as the equipment is concerned, you should make your thoughts in advance.  


If you want to start a young family and the next generation, the existing budget is usually quite manageable. In this case it is just when buying a baby car that the consideration is in the game, instead of two different devices to buy only one model, which can then also be used after half a year or longer. The Chic 4 150 40 Kombikinderwagen fits in this case. There is a combination of a classic baby car for babies up to ninth month with a buggy for some older children. This baby carriages can be transformed into a car for older children with a few handcuffs from a baby carriages for babies. Thus, this baby caravan becomes the companion from the baby age to the infant. The seating area is 9 x 33 cm and is therefore very spacious. A lying position is achieved by adjusting the backrest or by means of the adjustable footrests. In doing so, you can lengthen the lying surface of the baby carriage by extracting the footrest.If an upright lying surface in the form of a sitting position is desired for the child, a support surface of 70 x 30 centimeters is created. This means that there are a lot of combinations for the different age and also for the seating possibility.  

Maneuverable swivel wheels

This stroller is equipped with manoeuvrable swivel-wheels so that you can also easily get around a suitable shelf or other obstacle in the street traffic or in a supermarket.  

carry bag

An extra light soft carrying bag is included in the delivery, where the baby can sleep well from the beginning. When the child has grown accordingly, the soft carrying bag can quickly be converted into a footmuff or seat support and the larger child can thus also enjoy the advantage of this soft carrying bag. Even the footrests or the backrest can be individually adjusted to the size of the child and adjusted accordingly.  

5-point belt

When using a 5-point grit, in case of an accident, the forces occurring are spread over the entire body over a large area by dissipating them at 5 and not at 3 points. This reduces the severity of the impact force per point. Also, in such a belt, the forward movement of the head is substantially reduced in a frontal accident, and the likelihood of the head hitting other objects in the vehicle (knee, fore-seat, etc.) becomes smaller. Such a 5-point harness also makes it possible for a child who uses such a child to have the optimal position in the child's seat or in the baby carriage. There is no slipping or leaning out in the child seat or baby carriage. In addition, it is possible to remove such a belt from the stroller when getting out or getting into the car.  

The frame

The frame is equipped with a height-adjustable swivel rail and a good suspension. The existing ball-bearing wheels are also suitable for excursions or walks on fixed routes or for shopping.  

Shopping network / adjustment of the seating unit

In the also existing shopping net can accommodate with toys for the child or corresponding utensils. This shopping network can also be used for the transport of corresponding purchases. In order to meet the needs of the child, the seating unit can be implemented. This allows the child to see either the street or the parents. An extension of the lying surface is also possible by means of the extended footrests.  

Soft top with a viewing window

If the roof is not opened, for example, when it is raining, you can always look at the child through a viewing window at any time and thus keep in touch with the child. It is also possible to securely store parts such as soothers, etc. in the top part of the utensil.


Conclusion guy With this stroller you get a perfect combi-solution, which is equipped with many extras so that both a baby or a child can be transported comfortably and comfortably. This saves the costs for the purchase of two different designs for the baby and toddler.

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