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Review: WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine

The WMF Lono in Video


Noble Kaffeepadmaschine, a real looker

The WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine is optically a real highlight, the design is chic and classy. At IFA this pad machine has been constantly surrounded by visitors. The pad machine of traditional German manufacturer WMF just accuses attention to itself and arouses interest in her. The Lono pad machines has a Cromargan case, this is very robust. The brewing technology of this device is unique, the crema is especially creamy when Lono Kaffeepadmaschine.The crema is an essential factor of a good and tasty coffee, this technology scores the Lono. Another feature that ensures first-class coffee experience, is the "Pre Brewing" - system, the coffee is slightly dampened before brewing. This allows the coffee once swell and deployed so even more flavor. These two characteristics make this delicious coffee. A milk system does not have the WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine Unfortunately, this would be another desirable feature. Especially for customers who like to drink milk coffee specialties, for all that is the preparation cumbersome because the milk foam has to be prepared separately. This solution is not satisfactory compromise for the user, this coffee machine.  

The Padfach

The Padfach works like a drawer, it is withdrawn and the pads easily inserted. Now and then it happens that the pads get caught while inserting, in this case it is necessary to insert the pads again in the Padfach. Some customers complain, the water runs out of the pod holder down, this is a clear deduction in the handling and use of WMF Lono. Points, the WMF Lono with the fact that it has room for two pads. This enables simultaneous preparation of two cups of coffee. So a few cups of fresh coffee can in a few minutes be prepared and it is very clear faster, how to make a pot of coffee on a conventional coffee maker.  

Fast preparation, thanks to the WMF Lono

The preparation with the WMF Lono is extremely fast, the speed of preparation leaves nothing to be desired. A cup of coffee is already in less as 30 seconds Ready to Eat. Preparing two cups of coffee takes less like a minute. The short preparation time enables fast and therefore very comfortable making several cups of coffee in no time.  

Unique brewing system

The brewing system of WMF Kaffeepadmaschine Lono is unique and patented, the coffee flavor is excellent. The crema is really nice fluffy and light. The flavor is very intense, because the coffee unfold through the Brühfunktion its aromas kann.Die Brühfunktion allows moistening the coffee and thus the sources of coffee. In addition, this pad machine features a separate hot water tap.  

Cleaning the WMF Lono

The pad machine has an automatic descaling system, this can be adjusted depending on the hardness of the water and facilitates the maintenance of the machine. The water tank is removable and can thus be easily cleaned under running water. The Padschublade slides out and can be with a damp cloth wiped. The collection container is rather inconvenient when cleaning, make sure to remove it as straight as possible, otherwise the coffee liquor is spilled. The grid on the drainage tank is very delicate scratches.  

The advantages at a glance

This pad machine provides a great visual impact by the Cromargan, the buttons on the operation can be controlled easily. The amount of water can be adjusted with this pad machine itself. The water hardness can also be adjusted. Depending on what value the water is, the time until the automatic descaling is different. The water tank can be removed and so conveniently and easily filled under the tap. In standby mode, the engine has low power consumption. The pod machine is also very compact and priced perfectly acceptable.  

Disadvantages of WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine

The water tank is smaller at 0.8 liters, than the water tank from other machines, also the drip tray is very prone to scratches. Another drawback is that the machine is very noisy in the coffee. From the Padfach it drips out and down to the coffee wedged when inserted into the machine. The cleaning of the catch basin is more cumbersome than other coffee pod machines.  


conclusion guyVisually stands the WMF-pad machine produced, compared to the countless other pad machines. It is very demanding of her design and is thereby a small eye-catcher in the kitchen. The proven brewing system from WMF has completely convinced in the product testing. However, the Padfach be improved, because it does not completely close and so water drips down it. The water tank could be a bit bigger and also the collecting container is less than optimal when it comes to cleaning. Priced the machine is very affordable and the price is also justified, despite the smaller blemish brings the pad machine with him. Anyone who can live with a few small prints ie for which the Lono WMF Kaffeepadmaschine suitable. No compromise has to take in the unique coffee taste in buying, the WMF technology is first class of buyers. The coffee tastes totally aromatic and the crema is very outstanding.

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