Petra Electric KM 42-17 coffee machine

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Review: Petra Electric KM 42-17 Kaffeepadmaschine

The Petra Electric KM 42.17 in Video

Petra was originally a German brand that has been the manufacturer WMF awarded. Now this brand belongs no longer to Germany but rather to Holland. Here, this machine comes from now.But that's the purpose of absolutely no demolition, to the Petra Electric can still assert itself as a perfect machine in Kaffepadbereich. The machine is particularly worthwhile to buy. Because it has a very long life and that can even be revealed at this point here. But that is certainly not all there is to say about this machine. The Petra Electric is fully satisfactory and at a totally reasonable price. Here, it is even possible to see the packaging. The machine is very easy to use and user friendly. Anyone who still does not know how the operation risked simply a look at the manual. This will be revealing and help by guiding the operation correctly.  

The packaging and accessories

Of course, such a stable machine also needs a proper packaging. This is extremely stable and the machine has been delivered perfectly therein. In the package, of course, was the main unit. Subsequently, the individual parts come to light, it needs to prepare a really delicious coffee. This machine has been created especially for soft pads. This must simply be brought only. Then could be started with the condiments in theory already. But for this it is also necessary to place a cup under and to boil the water briefly. Such a machine is a great device, especially for a long period. This allows making coffee, like the professionals.However, the pads should not exceed a certain size. Thus they will then be perfectly integrated into the machine and everything will fit so far.  

For details about the machine

It can be said about this machine but a fact remains just the same. The machine is how it is always great. It can be set in various ways. Thus, for example, the amount of water and the amount of steam to be perfectly regulated. The machine has moreover a nearly perfect pressure in the pump. Who will heat up the machine again find that the heating system operates very quickly and the water thereby naturally also very hot quickly. Thus it is also possible to put the kettle aside and to cook with the machine a delicious coffee. Such a machine is simply fulfill everything that the user can only wish for. The machine is also associated with effort. So the cassette or better the filter holder in the should be the pad is after every brewing coffee again be cleaned. Otherwise you would in bacteria settle and that is not healthy. But in order to clean this part it is only necessary to briefly rinse the filter holder with hot water.  

Other features

The machine has an automatic descaling. This takes about 25 minutes to complete and runs quite quickly. Makes this machine of course always clean. However, it is so that a small light will begin to flash when it is time to descale the machine. The lamp will ensure that the machine is no longer in a position to prepare a delicious milk foam.  


There is a large water tank on the machine. There is, however, so that this requires some patience when inserting.The user should try again and again and thus be able to work perfectly. Also, the external to the machine is convincing not good. Nevertheless, it should here be noted that this is a machine after all and thus can also easily suffer from the surface. But all this is the ease of use compared with always. The machine is because they want to make coffee and that makes it really perfect. There is nothing bad to say about the coffee machines. But still lacks a few features that are important.  

Delicious coffee with deliciously frothy milk

To also receive the milk froth always, it is very important to clean the machine again. For a clogged line that can unfortunately come about quickly, even conjure no great milk froth. If this line but cleaned, the milk foam is again perfect and delicious. This can then be really seen. With such a machine guests can be surprised and it can be a great coffee party. There you will also find a few practical helpers that are really good and helpful in cleaning the machine and wait. Thus, a brush be bought that will clean the milk tube. Then there is also a practical chlorine filter to clean the machine. Further well has proven tool for cleaning Durgol descaler. This can also be easily bought later. The machine is great in appearance and function and can be purchased in other colors. Here everyone can play to his own taste and choose their own favorites. The color is worth a eyecatcher repeatedly.  


conclusion guyThis machine can be recommended to anyone who wants to try with such Kaffeepadmaschine to get a delicious coffee. The machine is small but fine and will even prepare delicious milk foam. The entire parts can be easily cleaned and is another point why the decision should fall on this machine. The machine has a very high quality that will certainly disappoint anyone. It is always easy to cook with the machine coffee. It is even possible to insert coffee into the portafilter. Here has been created the own creativity much space. This allows the machine are also vollstens recommended. The buyer will be able to enjoy it for a considerable time. In this machine, all automatic, it should still be time regular descaling be made from time.Anyone who wants to call his own such a machine should not wait any longer. This has to be decided on a great color easily and already the buyer can go put and enjoy the first coffee from the machine. The price is perfect for the machine.

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