Ritzenhoff Breker Rio 689068 Coffee maker

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Test report: Ritzenhoff Breker Rio 689068 Coffee maker

Like Ritzenhoff & Breker Rio Coffee Maker has a capacity of 800 ml and can be used individually for the production of different things.  

What can be done with this press ram?

In addition to an aromatic coffee, this can also be used to make perfect milk froth.  

How to make coffee with Ritzenhoff & Breker Rio?

Place the freshly ground coffee beans in the jug. These ground coffee beans are then poured over with hot water.This mixture must then pull for a few minutes. As the perfect aroma unfolds only in this way. After this mixture has been drawn for some time, the stamp of the Ritzenhoff & Breker coffee maker is pressed down slowly. In this way the coffee powder is separated from the rest of the drink and you can already enjoy your aromatic coffee.  

What should be observed when making a coffee with this coffee maker?

It is very important that you use only ground coffee beans for the coffee production, otherwise the coffee will not be produced.  

How to produce milk froth with the Ritzenhoff & Breker?

First of all, the milk is to be heated. After this is done, fill the milk into the jug. When the milk is in the jug, the milk is supplied with air, in which the punch is raised several times and then pressed down again. After some time the milk is transformed into a creamy milk froth, which is very fine pores. With this all-rounder you can easily and quickly create a delicious latte macchiato.  

What are the materials used for the press ram?

The press ram is made of a heat-resistant glass. The cover, the filter / screen are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, which is very thick-walled.  

How can this coffee maker be cleaned?

You can clean the press jug can easily and easily in the dishwasher. If there is no dishwasher, the individual parts of the jug can nevertheless be cleaned easily.


Conclusion guyImagine if you come home after a hard day's work, just want to enjoy a delicious latte macchiato. Since not everyone has a special coffee machine, which simply produces a latte macchiato, since this is already very high-priced, there is now a solution: The Ritzenhoff & Breker Rio press tamping jug. With this press trowel you can quickly and easily make your coffee of your choice. By the addition of ground coffee beans one can decide individually how strong the coffee can become. Due to the capacity of 800 ml, you can even make two cups of coffee at a time. Another advantage is that you only need a subject for the preparation of coffee and for the production of the milk foam. After the coffee has been produced, it is recommended to rinse the jug once, so that all residues are removed from the jug. Thereafter, the heated milk can be filled in the can, so that you can conjure up quickly and easily froth. Your guests will be delighted to be able to enjoy a coffee or latte freshly prepared macchiato. The press die can was manufactured using only the highest quality materials, so That you will have years of joy with this jug. The Ritzenhoff company has, of course, used a very heat-resistant glass for the Ritzenhoff & Breker Rio 689068 coffee maker, so you do not have to worry about the jar bursting as soon as very hot liquids are filled into the jug.  

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