Kitchen Craft KCLXPRESS3SS Coffee Maker

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Test report: Kitchen Craft KCLXPRESS3SS Coffee Maker

Coffee cooking is an art that unfortunately does not lie to everyone. There are some people who unfortunately can not boil a good coffee and also need a little tuition. Coffee is best prepared to taste. But for this the user must also know how much coffee powder has to be filled into the small coffee maker. For example, three cups of coffee can also be filled into three heaped teaspoons of coffee, in order to obtain a good coffee.The coffee must then be poured over with boiling water. Then he can still pull a few minutes and is then finished.But now it is about this coffee maker from Kitchen Craft.  

The Kitchen Craft

The mug can be purchased for a low price. The good thing about this machine is that the coffee is not only safe, it also stays very hot for a long time. This also makes the handle quickly hot. Therefore, the user should always ensure that he does not burn his fingers. The coffee maker looks very classy. It can be ordered quickly and the user gets a quality product without dents or scratches. In many other preparations a glass insert is very susceptible. Even though this application may be heat-resistant, a glass breakage may occur. But this is not the case. The user can boil a lot of coffee with this pot.  

How does it work?

The coffee is filled into the container. The user should clean the dishwasher first before the first coffee. Only with this he can be satisfied and will be able to use a decent device. Once the coffee has been filled, the boiling water can be added directly thereafter. The maker has a sieve, which then separates the coffee powder from the water. The user does not want to have any coffee powder in the cup and can now look forward to a good coffee, which he can then either enjoy with sugar or milk. The user will surely do everything right when he has tried it. The coffee can be drunk immediately. As the content of the manufacturer, 3 cups are given here. This amount is enough for a small coffee chat with friends.  

Do you prefer tea?

Of course it is not absolutely necessary to fill exclusively coffee in the Kitchen Craft. The user can also make very tasty tea in this appliance. To get tea, it can be done just as well as with the coffee boil. The user will do everything right with this machine, and will soon be able to enjoy a delicious drink, whether it is coffee or tea.  

Clean up?

The heater is made of stainless steel, which is not brushed, but high-gloss. Unfortunately, the user will transfer his fingerprints here and everyone can see them. A further disadvantage is that the heater is very hot, and this is particularly the case here. However, the heater can be cleaned very easily. It can be placed in the dishwasher. This sorter is exactly right in this place also properly clean. So no one has to worry about it and gets a clean coffee maker. The handler can be quickly ready for use.


Conclusion guyWith a good and safe coffee pot, this can only be something with a delicious coffee. This can now be prepared by anyone who is a connoisseur fast. The jug is very good and safe and will make a lot of coffee. It can last very long, because there is no glass that can break.The jug is very noble and has a striking design. So everything is just right and the user can and will enjoy it. It is a good pot for coffee and loose tea. All drinks are very aromatic in the jug and it makes a lot to make the coffee properly.  

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