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Test report: ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056 Tea machine

This set is a quite modern station for the normal tea drinker. The station is perfect for those who yearn for something in their own kitchen. If you like to drink tea, this set will love, but unfortunately it must be said at the outset that it does not only have advantages. Many disadvantages are also included here, which makes it no easier for the buyer to drop the decision to the pot.  

The packaging!

The ProfiCoach tea machine comes safely packaged and is also safe to use. Even the first glance leaves many hopes here. Unpacking reveals a stable device that will surely make many people happy. Of course, it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, but whoever has decided for the appliance will certainly plan it right from the start. However, this set is worth a closer look. It has, of course, a good and clear guide. Now also a small description to the individual components should follow.  

The water heater!

The set includes a water cooker. This has a large filling capacity. The device can hold up to 1.7 liters of water. The water cooker is also wireless, which allows a better handling. Then he has a 360 degree rotatable plug connection.The flip cover, which is located at the top of the unit, can be folded and can be safely closed. It is a great and modern glass water cooker that will look perfect in every kitchen. Everything is right with this device. It even has an integrated lime filter. The shutdown can be done by the user either manually or simply to the automatic. If you want to cook with the appliance, can adjust this. The water is then heated to about 85 degrees. The tea mode covers 80 degrees. Thus, an excellent result should always be recognizable. With this water cooker really everything, even if the quality with some models left much to be desired. But more about that later. The water cooker has, of course, a good on / off switch and is easy to operate. The glass surfaces become very hot and burns can occur. Therefore, it is always advisable that children should not have any contact with this device.  

The glass jug!

Another part is the glass jug. This is suitable for the preparation of tea as well as coffee. A total of 1.2 liters fit into the jug. The jug also becomes very hot even if it is heat-resistant glass, which externally adorns the jug. This pot also has a stainless steel tea filter. This can be taken quickly and easily. With the jug, the set is not yet complete. It still lacks an important unity.  

The base station!

The base is probably the heartpiece of this device. Without the base everything is not to be used. The base has a holding function and, of course, a heating plate. Then there is a very nice glass plate, which is also scratch resistant. Another highlight here is the Sensor Touch control panel, which has a great and clear display. The operation is comfortable and, of course, easy to use. The handles, the plate are heat-insulated. But that is not all that this device has to offer. In addition to these important features, there is even more and this will certainly be decisive. Very good is also the level, this device ensures. It is non-slip and therefore makes a very good impression.With this device to cook tea will surely fall one or the other very easily and great pleasure. Nevertheless, the disadvantages must also be addressed here.  

The disadvantages

The parts tend to dissolve quickly, and this mainly affects the water boiler. The user will certainly not have much pleasure with the device when that happens. But if it does happen, it is very important to complain. Because the device is not only expensive, but should also keep what it promises. Of course, it always depends on the use. But if a device promises only a lot and then does not meet this, most users are obviously disappointed. If you really want to be sure of getting a good machine here, you should read the details carefully. The device could be a little disappointing. But that should not happen. Therefore it is always good to inform yourself before the purchase and to clarify everything.  

The positive thing about the device!

With a good device everyone will soon be able to delight. The coffee or tea maker is above all chic and can be well integrated into the rest of the kitchen. This unit is also perfect for a ceramic hob. But this only applies to optics.Everything else will be disappointing. If you really want to have fun with the device, you should also take good care of the device. The cleaning is normally not a problem at all. This device is easy to clean by hand and will, of course, also be perfect to handle.


Conclusion guy With this cook professional everything is much better, even if there are numerous disadvantages. This device is often criticized and it can also be disappointing for the one or other buyer. However, the buyer can also be lucky with his choice and be completely satisfied with the device. It is a simple device that has a great new features. A lot of money is saved with the jug and, of course, the water boiler as it is not necessary to spend money on other equipment. If the buyer really is looking for such a device, then he can take it into consideration and buy. It is always a great pleasure and is also well liked. Such a machine can also make things much easier in the household and thus bring great joy. The appliance is always safe and stable on every work surface in the kitchen. It will also be a great gift, which will not only look forward to housewives. This is quite certain!

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