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Test report: BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain tea machine

With the BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and tea maker you get a quality product of the extra class. This water cooker is on the one hand really beautiful, but in addition to the function of the pure water heating, the device tea can be prepared in a professional manner. 

Packaging and delivery

The BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and tea maker is delivered in a sturdy box. This is also excellent for transport. The cardboard box can also be packed with gift paper and then serves as a beautiful gift box. The BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and tea cooker is supplied with a power supply unit with an attached brewing unit, a tea / water boiler with a removable lid and a tea filter. It is a permanent filter with robust inserts.  

base station

The base station is made of robust plastic. It is not connected to the stove with a cable. This can be kept completely cordless. The power plug is attached to the base station. This must be connected to the mains for operation. The base station is furthermore equipped with beautiful stainless steel applications and has blue illuminated operating buttons. The buttons make it easy to find the keys. It is also a good idea to see if the device is switched on.  

water boiler

The water boiler has a filling capacity of approx. 850 ml. This means that this amount of warm or hot water can be easily produced. With the filter used, the amount is slightly lower since the tea leaves have to be subtracted from the quantity.  


The BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and tea maker is pre-set to the desired temperature range. This is possible with 60,70,80,90 and 100 degrees. This way, the water is always optimally heated and, if desired, brought to a boil. The temperature varies depending on the tea and also due to other varieties. In the case of water for baby food the water must be boiled, ie the temperature should be 100 degrees. It can then be brewed in a second round a tea which is given to the baby after appropriate cooling. As soon as the water has reached the desired temperature, an adjustable beep sounds, from which a total of three tones can be selected.  

Warm-up function

The water in the BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and tea maker is kept constant at 90 ° C for up to two hours after heating. This allows the tea to be enjoyed long hot. An additional small plug is therefore not necessary, the new water boiler is completely sufficient. This is mainly produced by the pot of earthenware. Due to the material, this keeps the water warm for a long time. The natural material is also fragile. Do not drop the jug. With the holding function, electricity is easily consumed. However, the function can also be interrupted or completely switched off.Some users also prefer cooler tea. The jug keeps the heat and the tea cools, but also at 50 degrees the tea is still properly hot, so this must be selected by each user separately and is thus to be regulated individually. Here you will surely find your desired setting and will love the device in the shortest possible time.  

Cleaning and care

The BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and tea maker is of high quality. Therefore, cleaning and care is also a child's play. From the outside the water cooker can be simply cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. The basic unit can not be cleaned in the dishwasher, the electronic parts would be defective. The same applies to the jug, even this should only be cleaned with a damp cloth since it has an electrical connection for heat generation. In so far as lime has been added in the appliance, this can be removed with a limestone cleaner or also with vinegar water. Then the device is again super ready for use. Please never place the appliance completely in the dishwasher! The sieve insert for the tea preparation can also be rinsed under running water. This can, however, actually also be put into the dishwasher. It can be cleaned odorless and tasteless. After use always the remaining water should always be removed, so nothing can be applied and even in the case of tea no mold or similar form. The appliance switches itself off automatically, so please never forget to empty, the BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and tea maker is just loading.


Conclusion guy With the BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and tea maker, the brand manufacturer has created a reliable and sophisticated device for all seasons. The water cooker is suitable for small families as well as for singles. In addition, he makes a really good figure in the preparation of teas for babies. The BEEM Germany i-Tea porcelain water and teapot is a great gift because of the extraordinary utilization density and also a cheap at the same time.The processing is high-quality thanks to the base station made of plastic with a stainless steel application. The pot of earthenware with the tea strainer in metal and plastic are long lasting, but the jug can not drop, here is the risk of fracture quite high.

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