Technical characteristics

Recommended age for adult cats (adult)
ingredients available with various ingredients
feed property complete feedingstuffs
packing box
weight 400 grams per dose
without dyes available
without preservatives available
feature Kitekat recommends split for a full-blown cat (about 4 kg), daily 300 g food in at least two meals


  • absolutely high-quality and balanced meals for cats
  • has value added format
  • with all essential nutrients for a healthy and contented cat
  • the natural formula f├╝rgesteigerte vitality
  • no preservatives and no additional flavors
  • tasty and nutritious
  • fair-pricing


  • known no major disadvantages
  • only small criticism: sugar contains unfortunately
my cat me simply means everything. Therefore, I attach particular importance to a balanced and healthy diet. Finally, the healthy, varied diet is extremely important for the well-being of my favorite. While I'm of course variety. But above all the cat food should be really tasty. My cat has found a new favorite: Kitekat cat wet food. This tasty food tastes so good that no residues in the food bowl are back. This pleased of course and also I appreciate the pleasant smell of Kitekat. Because in contrast to other types of feed, here no unpleasant smell stays. I will pay slightly more like for so convincing quality. The price is absolutely fair and justifiable. For me, the decision for Kitekat cat wet food was absolutely worth.

High-quality and balanced

with Kitekat, I have a good feeling about the feeding. Finally, the diet should be balanced. And this is exactly what is given here. All the important nutrients are included. I think my adidas fit and healthy. While this mixture is generally without preservatives or extra artificial flavors. One hundred per cent full feed is contained in small doses. My favorite of the day provides natural and healthy. So he is now much more vital, healthier and likes going on long discovery tours. Also, I've noticed an increased vitality. No weight gain is visible, however. In my opinion this will format by Kitekat the good added value.

Simply irresistible delicious

variety poultry and game in aspic is the new favorite dish of my cat. Immediately, she Pounces on this delicious meal and eats her food bowl completely empty. While the food is satisfying and just plain delicious. Rarely I have seen a so satisfied adidas. The one I bought a high quality meal for my favorite. At the same time it's also a real treat. This saves-wide purchases, money, and effort for me. My cat is available for known feeding times already forward and is looking forward to her wet food. That can be good to eat and makes my pet happy. So, I now have a fixed rhythm with consistent feed times. This brings more order and is much healthier for my pet. My cat thanks to the delicious feed must give up nothing, but is really tasty. After several tests I noticed that Kitekat cat wet food the best cut off when compared to other types of feed with distance. Adult cats

vitality for adult cats

also need healthy food. Just so, the great explorers can go on long discoveries and follow your Explorer spirit. It is above all the necessary vitality of importance for me. I can't stand it when my cat slowly sits in the corner and begs constantly for new food. This belongs with the Kitekat cat wet food for the happiness of the past. With the high-quality food, my favorite is saturated without becoming sluggish throughout the day. Also the weight is kept perfect. Instead I met a completely new kind of vitale. Determined that loves the high-quality ingredients and the Protein containing food. My cat is fed up and still fit.


I am all in all with Kitekat cat wet food properly. My expectations are totally been met and even exceeded. I'm excited how good this food tastes like my cat. I'm be reassured that all important substances are included and using no artificial flavourings. The price is also very well understandable for me. Another plus for me is the pleasant smell of the Chuck. Thus, I've finally found the perfect diet for each day in the sense of my beloved pet. Kitekat cat wet food agreed perfectly healthy food and delicious food for animals.

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