Technical characteristics


  • very good quality
  • advantage Pack
  • small units which can not spoil
  • special food for adult cats
  • very good smell
  • best quality of ingredients
  • gentle manufacturing
  • many vitamins and trace elements
  • no allergens
  • without artificial preservatives


  • issue packaging waste
the IAMS adult cat wet food with chicken was once practically tested by it was given to own cats. What the manufacturer here, put together that this food is so appealing and acceptable? It was interesting when one of the 22 packs a'100 grams were opened. The first impression was very pleasant, the food smells very appealing for the people very well and seemingly for the cats, because it was accepted immediately as we have already said.

Complete feed at the IAMS adult cat chicken

the IAMS adult cat wet food with chicken is a full concept of nutrition for cats, which are considered to be adult. The animal gets much poultry meat and that is a very good fact ever. Turkey and chicken are the main ingredients and form the basis as full nutrition concept for a really good feeding, as this proved himself well in the test. Usually requires long periods of time for a nutrition and here everything went very quickly. This IAMS adult cat wet food is made very gently with chicken, it possesses many advantages according to the manufacturer, and that has to do with the ingredients. These chunks of food manufactured specifically for cats with an age of 1-7 years. Much protein in an important building block, so that's okay with cats, and they show no signs of failure. Thus the manufacturer advertises and the acceptance is an important parameter.

Good consistency provides best quality

test cats immediately assume this wet food, and find interesting showed beneficial. In the development of good cat food plays an important role, the biology of the cat and the associated impact. The test showed here ideal conditions, because the ingredients are of very high quality and the price for this food containers is justified. There are no artificial preservatives and there is a balance in the minerals and vitamins. This is advantageous if you buy a complete feed of this kind. You should make sure and the test of the IAMS adult cat wet food with chicken has also proved this. Is a special development, because the animals to really discover this food for yourself and the test proved that also. This IAMS adult cat wet food contains 6 fatty acids and vitamin E with chicken Omega 3 and Omega, that, in its sum then leads to a better skin and health of the animal. The composition consists of 6% pork, 24% chicken and other poultry and the rest consists of fish oil and other fats. Total seen very naturally and without serious side effects, that showed the test significantly.


the conclusion from the Park tables test of IAMS adult cat wet food with chicken is very good and very convincing. The acceptance for the IAMS adult cat wet food with chicken was very good in the cats, because this feed very pleasant smells for cats and nothing in the way is a slight change of the feed as a wholefood nutrition. The result is a very good recommendation to purchase as a conclusion.

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