VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam

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Test report: VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam


Favorable and good action camera

The summit is a breath of fresh air, kite flying, a beautiful dive, whalewatching from the speedboat - whatever your adventure is - a small action camera can capture the moment for you and others. The compact, light and extremely robust tiny insects are the perfect companions. The EYPRO Full HD from VicTsing is a cost-effective alternative to the current (as of September 2016) market-leading models, which can cost several hundred euros. But what is the cheap VTIN-EYPRO action camera? We thoroughly tested them and compared all the advantages and disadvantages.  

Packaging and delivery

The VTIN EYPRO arrived within two working days and that in stylish packaging. Inside the carton, which is unsuitable for surprise presents, as it reveals everything, are two more cartons that sit passively. In the left is a part of the accessory, on the right the camera in the underwater housing. Below is another long cardboard box in which the operating instructions and the remaining accessories are placed.All parts are individually packed in clear plastic bags and the camera with the case additionally protected by foam.

The package included:

  • The EYPRO Sport Action Camera
  • An underwater housing
  • A firm base
  • A non-waterproof protective housing (protective door)
  • Two different backside clips
  • Two adhesive holders
  • A bicycle stand
  • An adapter
  • A base and a solid base
  • Four cable ties
  • Three different switch supporters
  • Two 3M double adhesive tapes
  • Two straps
  • Two batteries
  • A wire loop
  • A micro USB cable
  • A cleaning cloth
  • A manual in (partly very amusing) German, English, Spanish, Italian and French
Warranty: There is no indication on the warranty of the manufacturer, but on the website ensures VicTsing a 45-day return policy and 12 month warranty to.  

Our pictures of the extensive accessories of VTIN EYPRO

VTIN Action Cam Accessories 1     VTIN Action Cam Accessories 2     VTIN Action Cam Accessories 3 VTIN Action Cam Accessories 4     VTIN Action Cam Accessories 5     VTIN Action Cam Accessories 6 VTIN Action Cam Accessories 7     VTIN Action Cam Accessories 8     VTIN Action Cam Accessories 10  


The VTIN EYPRO action camera comes with a lot of accessories, but leaves a few things missing. A memory card, charger for the two batteries, holders for diving, swimming and driving as well as a small bag for traveling are missing in the set. All of this can be bought (from other brands eg GoPro), but it would have been great if the set were complete. With the Wi-Fi feature, a smartphone can be used via the free camera app to remote control and has up to 15 meters of range. You can also transfer the videos and photos to your smartphone. Bluetooth does not support the cam.  

Technical specifications

The camera is 61 grams light and measures 5.9 x 4.0 x 2.4 cm with a 4 x 3.1 cm display. The underwater housing has the dimensions 7.1 x 6.6 x 4.4 cm and weighs together with camera 137 grams. Memory Card: Micro SD Class 6 or higher up to 32GB Recording modes: single image, self-timer to 2, 5 or 10 seconds, timelapse with 1, 2 or 5 seconds Lens: 170 degree wide angle LCD screen: 2.0 LTPS Video Format: MOV Encode : H.264 frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz USB port: micro USB 2.0 power requirements: 5V battery: 3.7 volt Li-ion battery 1050 mAh and 90 minutes performance Compatible systems: Windows XP / 7/8 / SP3 / VISTA and Mac iOS 10.5 and higher image resolution options (pixels): 12M (4032 x 3024), 10M (3648 x 2736), 8M (3264 x 2448), 5M (2592 x 1944), 3M (2048 x 1536), 2M HD (1920 x 1080), 1.3M (1280 x 960) and VGA (640 x 480) waterproof: up to 30 meters in the underwater housing Warning: the camera itself is not waterproof without the waterproof case!  

Appearance and processing

The camera is very handy, easy to use and very sturdy built. With her, for cameras of this size, giant 2-inch display and the matte black surface of the plastic body, it looks simply chic. The opening of the battery compartment is a small fingernail killer and does not close perfectly again immediately, otherwise we could not discover weak spots. The waterproof housing is designed to prevent accidental opening and all necessary function buttons are accessible.  

The price

With around 70 euros (as of September 2016) the VTIN EYPRO is currently located in the price middle of the action cameras. The range of prices ranges from 30 euros (eg Topjoy, Adoer) to 350 euros (eg GoPro, Nikon). For those who want even more, there are the 360-degree panoramic cameras (eg Panono, 360FLY) which can cost up to 1600 euros.  

Our pictures of the VTIN EYPRO Action Cam

VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 1     VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 3     VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 4 VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 5     VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 10     VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 11 VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 12     VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 13     VTIN Waterproof 2 inch 1080P Action Cam 14  


The included batteries were already loaded about half on arrival, which allowed the first test to start while the second battery was charging. For this you need, if the battery does not have the micro-USB cable in the camera at the PC or power supply (not included in the delivery), a charger for 1050 mAh lithium batteries. Fortunately we had such a charger, as synonymous with a micro memory card with 32 GB storage space. As soon as the camera was switched on, you could set the language and the rest explained the cam actually itself. If you do not change is standard the video function set. Once the power button is pressed, you switch to the photo mode. Press again to show the preview. Another time brings you into the main menu, where you can make all settings and programs and select. The manufacturer states that you can rotate videos up to 90 minutes before the battery needs to be replaced. Since the first battery was not fully charged, was after 30 minutes to try settings, take pictures and film the end. The Akkufach to open to the second battery, which was loaded after just two hours (was probably already something pre-loaded), was somewhat difficult and costs a fingernail. The subsequent sealing did not work immediately. After the first battery is completely empty, when we recharge it, we can set the charging time to exactly 3 hours and 40 minutes. With this battery, however, we have not quite come to 90 minutes of movie time. After 50 minutes had to be changed again. Since the second battery was not fully charged, we connected it to a Powerbank. This makes the advantage of the handiness, but the Cam lasted 120 minutes. VicTsing provides a free app called "Final Cam", which allows you to control the camera via your smartphone. We had a Samsung Galaxy Edge, an Apple iPhone 6 and an iPad Air 2 in use. With the Samsung and iPad went it straight away, only the iPhone needed some attempts, until everything worked - but then went as well. The app can not only make the smartphone remote, but also the photos and videos transferred to the smartphones and tablets. The recorded photos were a little dark, but otherwise sharp and also with the photographing of very fast movements. The videos left nothing to be desired in HD quality without housing. Even stronger shocks were compensated very well. However, the sound when the camera sits in the waterproof case is no longer so crystal clear and quieter. Also, you should not choose recording quality below 5M pixels, since the quality rapidly declines. For the transfer of photos and videos you can either transfer them from your smartphone or tablet to your PC or Mac, or - our choice - remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into the computer slot. The advantage of this is that the map can be formatted the same time and there is enough room for new videos and photos.


Conclusion guyWith the VTIN-EYPRO-Actionkamera you can not go wrong. For photo shoots, there are certainly better devices, but for filming you get a decent device for his money. At the cheap price it is not quite so bad, if it slips with a Bungeesprung but times from the holder - but with the whole holding accessories should not happen. Who wants to turn longer films should sichaber additional replacement battery or a powerful  Power Bank purchase.

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