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Review: MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P

Small but nice novice action camera

Whether for sport or for an adventure holiday with a dive - the dwarf cameras have been a part of this for years.Easy to use, robust and mostly water resistant, they are the most demanding and indestructible companion. The Maozua-W8-Action-Camera is one of the cheapest alternative to the often very expensive market-leading models.For whom is the W8 suitable? What can they do and where are their weaknesses? I have tested the camera thoroughly.  

Packaging and delivery

The camera arrived in neutral packaging four working days after order to me. The actual product pack is colorful with a motocross rider on the front. On the back are the features and a QR code, which can be used to download the required software for Wi-Fi operation. On the right side, six accessories of the 33-part set of the camera are shown. When you open the pack, you are literally beaten by small plastic bags with accessories (and you do not get everything back properly in the pack).

The package included:

  • MAOZUA W8 HD Action Camera 1080P
  • An underwater housing
  • A micro USB cable
  • A charging cable with charger
  • Two adhesive holders
  • A helmet holder
  • A wire loop
  • A non-water resistant, back-side protection door
  • Instruction manual in English
  • A cleaning cloth
  • Four cable ties
  • Two batteries
  • Four straps / bandages
  • A bicycle handlebar bracket
  • A clip model 1
  • A clip model 2
  • Six different brackets (base)
  • A camera mount (mount)
  • Two different backside clips
  • Two 3M double adhesive tapes
Warranty: There is no indication on the warranty of the manufacturer. On the Maozua website, the manufacturer grants a 30-day return guarantee and a 12-month warranty.  

Our pictures from the MAOZUA HD Action Cam

MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 1     MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 2     MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 3 MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 4     MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 5     MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 6  


The cam comes with numerous accessories and only one memory card and a transport bag are missing. The price does not even get the accessories without camera from leading brands like GoPro. The Maozua however missing some features, the expensive cameras bring, but everything you really need is thereby. The W8 action camera has a photo, photo series, timelapse and, of course, the video mode. With the iCam or iSmart DV app, there are free apps that allow the smartphone or tablet to be remote controlled with the Wi-Fi function of the camera. You can also transfer the videos and photos to your smartphone. Bluetooth does not support the cam. The camera is equipped with four buttons. On the top is the shutter, the front of the mode / on / off switch and the lens with lens and on the right the up and down buttons. On the left are the inputs for the micro USB cable and HDMI as well as the memory card slot. There is nothing more that makes the camera very easy to use.  

Technical specifications

The camera is incl. Battery, without housing, 63 grams light and has the dimensions 5.8 x 4.0 x 2.4 cm with a 4 x 3.1 cm display. Memory Card : Micro SD Class 10 or higher, micro SDHC, micro SDXC up to 32GB (not included) Shooting : Single, Self-Timer 2 and 10 seconds, timelapse 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds lens : 140 degree wide angle LCD screen 2.0 LTPS video format : MOV Audio format : WAV (bitrate: 176 kbps) Encode : H.264 frequency : 50 Hz / 60 Hz connections : micro USB 2.0 and mini HDMI electricity demand : 5 volt, 1 amp battery : 3.7 volt Li-ion 900 mAh battery and 60 minutes performance with outstanding picture quality Compatible systems : Windows XP / 7/8 / SP3 / VISTA and Mac iOS 10.5 and higher image resolution options (pixels) : 12M, 8M, 5M , 2M HD Waterproof : up to 30 meters in the underwater case Compatible operating systems : Windows XP or later and Mac OS  

Appearance and processing

The compact design of the tiny, as well as the ribbed surface, gives the cam grip. It can be worn comfortably and fits into every trouser pocket. The processing of the plastic body is robust, clean and the materials look amazingly high quality. The 2-inch display is large enough to also watch the videos on the camera without transferring them to the smartphone via Wi-Fi or cable. The usage instructions in English is fortunately not really necessary, since the camera is relatively self-explanatory.It would nevertheless be nice, if at least on the website of the manufacturer also a manual in German could be downloaded. All accessories of the Maozua-W8-Action-Camera are also suitable for the GoPro and other cameras of this size.  

The price

With approximately 55 euros (as of September 2016), the HD-Action-Cam is currently one of the cheapest models on the market.  

More pictures of the MAOZUA HD Action Cam

MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 7     MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 8     MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 9 MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 10     MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 11     MAOZUA HD Action Camera 1080P 12  


The battery was already charged, which means that the action camera test with the Maozua is started after using a memory card (not included). With the bracket attached to the handlebar a small bike tour starts. Vibrations caused by cobblestones are somewhat intercepted but not strongly stabilized. So the video was very shaky from time to time. In a stretching section through the forest, the camera had problems with the rapidly changing light conditions. Wherever the route was smooth and straight and the lighting conditions were not too bright, too dark or changing, the camera delivered crisp images and videos in great color and sound quality. After about 70 minutes the battery was empty. Fortunately, a replacement battery was delivered, which was also already loaded. The second test took place in the pool, because the camera can be used with a waterproof housing up to 30 meters under water. Whether it is really 30 feet waterproof, I can not say, but to about 3 meters everything remained dry and the picture quality surprised me again positively. The last test was performed in the interior to test the Wi-Fi function. With the Wi-Fi you can store the videos directly on the computer, smartphone or tablet. The connection worked smoothly with all three media. I had to install iCam on the computer and the iSmart DV app on the smartphone and tablet. In this test, I noticed that the camera takes two to three seconds, until it is ready for use. In the video tests before this did not occur and the camera was set to continuous operation. For quick spontaneous snapshots, this can be an eternity in the action environment.


Conclusion guyThe camera is an ideal partner for holidays or sporting activities on hobbyn level. For professionals, the picture quality in photos is somewhat too weak, while the video recordings were surprisingly good under good light conditions. Also with semi-professionals one or other extra function, such as image stabilizer, white balance, at least 170-degree wide angle, etc. are missing. For beginners and hobbyists the Maozua is however very suitable and about 55 euros for camera and all the accessories are also to be lost in the event of loss. One-and-a-half hours of medium-term animation is not long and many sports activities last two hours or more. Therefore, if you want to shoot longer films, one or two more batteries or a powerful Powerbank should purchase.

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