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Test report: QUMOX SJ4000 Actioncam

With a good actioncam it is possible to take beautiful motifs and to present them later. The QUMOX SJ4000 Actioncam offers many advantages and of course there are also a few small disadvantages. However, most customers can see this because the camera is suitable for different purposes and can easily be attached to other objects such as helmets or a flight simulator. The AR drone can be equipped with this camera and everyone can reach their own impressions of the world. The camera also has a very sturdy exterior and is delivered in the color black. Everything is right here. The camera is affordable and can make beautiful and high-resolution images. This is most happy to most buyers.

Facts about the camera

With the QUMOX SJ4000 Actioncam, the buyer gets a great camera that has a wide-angle lens. Shooting at another distance is no problem for the camera at all. The user can also set his optimal language in the menu. So you can find languages like German as well as English and much more to understand the operation of the camera synonymous. Through these cameras it is also possible to take videos on. These can be presented later or simply cut into a correct format. The camera takes the photos in very good quality. The user can choose between several variants. The recording mode runs here in the single shot and the camera also has a self-timer for further photos.Now it is still about the many advantages that the camera brings with it. Users always appreciate this.  

The advantages of the QUMOX SJ4000 Actioncam

The camera is more than just well-processed. It's all right, the material choice is excellent and perfect. In addition, the design of the camera is sure to be seen for some customers. In addition, the camera is equipped with good buttons, which are really easy to control. LEDs are also found. As a result, the picture quality is much better and the user will also appreciate this because they are also of a long service life. The camera is extremely light and weighs just 60 grams then it also has a very good picture and sound quality. This will be helpful when viewing the videos.The user can play a firmware update here and has therefore even more settings on the camera, which will make them even better in the operation. For the camera are very cheap batteries, which can be used. The display is already integrated and allows an evaluation directly after the recording. The user can then find out if the camera has made good pictures and if necessary delete them. The camera comes with a lot of accessories and there is a good data transmission which can be controlled by USB. The camera has a perfect price-performance ratio and should not be mentioned at this point.  


With this camera can appear the illusion and so there is indeed a lens, which has a good angle, but this seems to be not the promised 170 degrees. Also the 60 images in the second, which have been promised, are not shot by the camera. But the photo quality is really acceptable. It could be better, but for some hobby photographers it is completely sufficient. The battery cover is not convincing. This could be more robust. Here it consists merely of a light plastic. In addition, the camera can produce a so-called yellow effect. This is not so good and therefore an exact assembly is always worthwhile. Unfortunately, the battery does not last as long as promised. But that should not surprise anyone here. This is often the case. The camera does not have Wi-Fi. But for most customers, this also plays a role. They just want to have fun with the camera and that will be the case.


Conclusion guy A good actioncam costs money, of course. But this QUMOX SJ4000 Actioncam is great and will not cost as much as one or the other might suspect. There are actually many points and these should also significantly influence the purchase decision. Especially beginners in the field of the Actioncams are in demand here and these will also the camera as completely sufficient. The camera can take pictures and even in airy height. Even if a rainstorm suddenly starts, no one has to worry.Because the camera is waterproof. It is thus also possible in bad weather to let the bird fly and to put on its own observations with it. With this camera the everyday life becomes much more exciting and can be enjoyed quite differently. The camera should not be missing and always be there when it goes out. Also on a helmet the camera is ideal.

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