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Test report: Neewer Sports Action Cam

It should be back in four weeks. My annual leave was on. This year it should be Dubai. Snorkel diving in the sea, with the Landrover for dune surfing in the desert and as a highlight a tandem parachute jump. The holiday should be an active dream. To capture the experience, I started looking for an Activcam. Photos can Anyone, I wanted more.

Neewer Sports Activ Cam - striking Powerful

I like the Neewer Sports Activ Cam. The following data convinced me: - 1,5inch LCD display - 12 MP 170 ° Full HD wide-angle lens - chargeable underwater battery (up to 30m) with 900 mAh capacity - USB 2.0 Micro HDMI support - SD Memory Card - wide range of options It seemed as if I had found my small, silver holiday companion.  

First test in the pool

After I bought the camera, I could not wait to test it. My first path took me to the swimming pool. I was looking for a time when few other people were there. With a handy body harness I attached the Neewer Sports Activ Cam to my chest and snorked a lap through the pool. The pictures were fantastic. Clear focus even under water, wide view and absolutely waterproof. The Neewer Sports Activ Cam had passed its first test.  

Use as an autocamera

Next, I mounted the camera with some simple handgrips on the dashboard of my car. The corresponding accessories were provided with an easy to understand instruction. The city traffic is not comparable with the upcoming dune surfing. Nevertheless, I wanted to know which pictures the Neewer Sports Activ Cam would probably deliver. Three hours and several forest and field trails later, I was completely excited a second time. The mount and the recordings were the absolute hammer. Every jerking and every slouching was shown live. When I watched the film, I had the feeling of sitting in the car a second time. The Neewer Sports Activ Cam had passed their second test.  

What does the helmet camera bring?

Now I faced a problem. A parachute jump I could not test or simulate before. But how could this stress test be arranged for the Neewer Sports Activ Cam? First I mounted the camera on my bike helmet, grabbed my bike and drove out to the country. Narrow, muddy dirt roads? No problem! Stony slopes, stony slopes? A small thing! Slippery, flowing creek beds? No problem for the Neewer Sports Activ Cam! The wide angle lens provided fantastic pictures. The most exciting sections were the ones in which I carried the camera in self-adjustment and she took my dogged and stretchy enthusiastic face. So I could later feel every emotion of the day. The Cam had passed their third test.  

Does the battery keep what it promises?

My absolute nightmare was that in all activities the battery could give up and so unforgettable moments could be lost. The battery of the Neewer Sports Activ Cam promised 900mVh charging capacity. This was a whole lot and should be enough for a multi-hour runtime. To test this, the body belt was used again. With a help I attached the camera to my hip. As a child of the Ruhr area, I drove by car to one of the many green areas of my home. Quickly on the parking lot, the backpack set up and the hike could go. A wonderful day! Sun, nature and an unbelievable view over the entire Ruhr area were the reward for the tedious hiking tour to the top of the heap. A small picnic and some shots of the panorama with the camera and it went back home. All in all, the trip lasted about 8 hours. The battery ran loose. What more did I want? Of course, I could not forget to recharge it with the help of the charging cable. The Neewer Sports Activ Cam had passed its fourth test.


Conclusion guy In summary, the acquisition of the Neewer Sports Activ Cam was just the right thing for me. Great shots in very different situations and extensive possibilities of addition by accessories have convinced me of the quality of the camera. With the help of the USB 2.0 connection, I was able to simply load the recorded moments onto my computer, edit and post them. The price - performance ratio was consistent and another plus point for the camera My holiday was an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the recordings of the Neewer Sports Activ Cam, I can now at any time re-enter this event and understand emotions. Even my circle of friends and acquaintances I could fascinate with the help of the recordings.

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