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Test report: Safety 1st 11487640 Zwillingskinderwagen

The perfect family happiness, parents and two small racers, has finally become truth. But at the latest, the question arises: how can one transport the little ones optimally, because as a rule a parent must work. And at the same time pushing two prams is impossible. For this reason, the twin-child car was developed by Safety and brought to the market. This twin car has been tailored to the needs of parents and toddlers. 

Security - top priority

The most important criterion of twin-parent car is that it is produced according to the EU standard EN 1888. This standard signals safety, in the largest form. Furthermore, the frame was very stable, but very handy and light. In addition, the twin car can be folded up. This has the advantage for you that the twin car does not need a lot of space when it is parked. In an upright position, the Twin Car from Safety comes in every corner. The weight of 16 kilograms is also a huge advantage, so no great effort is required to move the twin caravan, with the children in it.The folding of the twin car is very fast and easy done. In order to be able to transport the children optimally and safely, the Safety Twin Car was equipped with the five-point harness belt system with safety lock. This is additionally adjustable. The central locking brake ensures that the twin car can not become self-sufficient. The parking brake was mounted on both rear wheels. This ensures that the twin car stays perfectly in place.  

Perfect comfort - the twin car is not an issue

Also in the comfort was very care, that the children feel comfortable. This can be seen in the adjustable backrests.The backrest from the rear seat has three different seats and the backrest from the front seat has two different positions. The advantage is that you can act as required and as often as you need. At the front seat, a small play table has also been installed, which also includes a practical cup holder. The double cushions also help each child to feel as if on cloud seven. Even if the road conditions are very rough and uneven, the children are not shaken back and forth. This is because the wheels on the front and rear are perfectly sprung. The plastic wheel with a diameter of 14.5 also has the advantage that the wheel can not lose air. Even if the twin car pulls very compact, it is very flexible and manoeuvrable. This fact is due to the swiveling front wheels. These are also still detectable. Due to the narrow construction, two birds were hit with one flap. On the one hand the twin car with the dimensions 101 x 59 x 114 cm fits through every door. And yet, the children have enough space, whether they are lying down or sitting. The fact that the children sit one behind the other ensures that the children are not able to express themselves mutually. The child sitting in the rear of the twin car can sleep peacefully when the other child plays in the front.  

The Twin Car from Safety - ideally suited for all weather conditions

Even if the sun once again shows its best side, it is no problem to stay at home. The two sunspots can be used very purposefully, so that each child is optimally protected from intense sun exposure. Even a sudden downpour can not harm the children and the twin car. This is ensured by the rain cover, which is included in the purchase. The rain cover is designed to fit over the entire twin safety car. This ensures that both children are optimally protected.  

Optimal storage space

Even shopping is no problem with the twin car from Safety. This is because the stroller has been equipped with a very large shopping basket. The shopping net, which can also be used in other ways, is optimally attached to the chassis of the twin car.  


Conclusion guy Therefore, if you need a new twin-engined car, you can go back to the safety 1st 11487640 twin-caravan without thinking. This is not to be surpassed in comfort, flexibility and reliability. In addition, the Zwillingskinderwagen is fashionable as a highlight. Even the cleaning of Safety 1st 11487640 Twins children's car is a children's game. The price-performance ratio of the Zwillingskinderwwagen from Safety is suitable for everyone. The Zwillingskinderwagen is the optimal companion in every respect. A car perfectly adapted to all the needs of the two children. Have fun with the Safety 1st 11487640 Twin Car.

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