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Test report: Hartan IX 1 206 Buggy

Children want to get out into the open nature and there always much experience. The Hartan Buggy is really great to put this plan into action and still have a lot of fun. To have a lot of fun with the child in it, it should always be strained. The buggy may be a little choppy because it does not ride on the air but it is perfect for the city or on a normal road that does not show any bumps. With this buggy, much more is easier and makes a lot of fun. The buggy is perfect and has of course many other advantages, which are all very good. 

The frame

The buggy is delivered in white and navy as well as checkered. It is lightweight and sporty in the execution and has as a base aluminum. All this makes the vehicle a manoeuvrable and perfect helper for every mother. This will surely amuse you with your child and thanks to the small folding dimension the buggy fits easily into your own vehicle.This buggy makes everything even more enjoyable. Also the soft top is not at all bad. It is always a small highlight and will prove to be very convenient. With this buggy, everything is even more enjoyable and everything is also better. But the buggy can still drive more than just. What that is can now be learned.  

The place in the buggy

So the child will certainly not complain about a lack of space. The buggy is really nice and looks great. It is also equipped with a great basket. This is big enough and the mutti or even the dad's purchases can take. The basket is also quite stable and holds some. The child has a very nice and large seating area. If the child is tired during the trip, the seat can easily be converted into a comfortable lying surface. This is always very convenient, if the trip once again takes longer. The buggy also has a great suspension that should not be left unattended. This makes this buggy really unique and great.  

Brakes are reliable

Also braking is no problem with this buggy. He will stand still, and that will be under pressure. The Duo block brakes are perfect and keep well. If you want to know the child in the first years of his life in a safe environment, should buy this buggy and fall back on it. Because this purchase will certainly not be repent and it will always pay off to have invested this money. The buggy can really be seen and will be convincing.  

Safety for the child

The child should always be secured and there is of course a great seat-back function. Through this, everything is going to be really good and much more enjoyable. The buggy is equipped with a 5 point belt, which makes it really always very safe. The belt and everything else is also easy to clean. Children might want to eat something in their buggy? Then it can happen that something goes wrong. The mutti can then simply clean the car with a normal cloth and even quite quickly. The car is always perfect and has, of course, numerous features which are extremely useful.  

The packaging

Already the first construction of the buggy is a great fun for all. This is achieved in a short time. The packaging in which the buggy has been delivered is very stable and also safe. It is great pleasure to offer your own child a new friend who will always transport it safely. The child should always be in the foreground and also safely sit in the buggy. It is great to watch it while sleeping. This all makes a lot of fun and is great.


Conclusion guy Who really knows what he needs should consider this buggy. The buggy can be recommended and will always provide a safe place for your child.With this buggy something really great is bought, which is also the child absolutely loved. This will in no case complain, because it always has everything in view and can also make observations. With this buggy, nothing is done wrong and everything always goes quite well. The buggy is safe and not too heavy. There are no points that allow a defect.Through this buggy, the child will feel great joy and perceive his environment quite differently. The buggy is great and always makes a lot of fun. That is the main thing. It is a great and very comfortable buggy, which will also mean a lot for the child. He will also be a faithful companion for the child for a very long time.

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