MakerBot Replicator 5th generation 3D printer

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Review: MakerBot Replicator 5. Generation 3D printer

In the market of 3-D printers, the MakerBot Replicator is one of the more expensive variants in the fifth generation.The manufacturer requires a priceless price for the device. For this he promises professional quality and the three-dimensional printing of complex, high-resolution models. With such characteristics, the machine is suitable for commercial applications. Create realistic prototypes or other models to convince your customers of your projects. MakerBot Replicator revised to continuously and provides it in the now fifth generation. According to the manufacturer, it is distinguished by the high quality of its reliability, an unrivaled speed during the printing process and the network capability.  

Versatile interfaces and a camera

At first glance - before the actual test? - on the technical data, the MakerBot Replicator 5th generation convinces by its variety. The Cloud and App-capable 3-D printer supports WLAN, Ethernet and, of course, USB connections. You benefit from a user-friendly control panel. Compared to the fourth generation, the tested 3-D printer has a camera.In order to observe the printing process inside. To this end, equipped MakerBot printer for the first time with a so-called smart extruder from. This is a new design to suspend the nozzle. The manufacturer uses magnets, which means that you can replace the nozzle without much effort. In addition, the extruder detects when the material is running low. In this case, the printer pauses independently.  

3D printer scores with easy commissioning

The 5th generation MakeBot Replicator is characterized by easy installation and / or commissioning. You will get a ready assembled machine. First, use the filament as required. Then passes an English display on the display of 3-D printer step by step through the installation process. Thus, the use of the device requires no great knowledge. Even an entry-level user is comparatively easy to commission. They first carry out the calibration and then load the filament. The displayed screen scores with its intuitive operation.  

Impressive quality in print results

A decisive strength of the presented MakerBot printer is its print quality. The manufacturer specifies the standard layer thickness to 0.1 millimeter; Which corresponds to a resolution of 100 microns. The fifth generation replicator prints very reliably, creating a smooth surface. It does not leave any errors or holes on the printed object. This is helped by the automatic control of the distance between the nozzle and the construction area. The next advantage is just looking at the energy consumption. Despite the high, reliable print quality, the 5th generation MakeBot Replicator is among the more economical alternatives. In addition, the camera has a positive effect. Thanks to the useful additional equipment, the 3-D printer gives you a look inside the work process. They keep an eye on the progress of the printing process and recognize if an error occurs.  

Remote access via app and cloud

If you are creating a 3D model, MakerBot offers you its own software. Their use requires an account registered at the manufacturer. However, the account proves the test to be advantageous if you connect the printer on the network with your account. A corresponding application provides you with the go live images to your smartphone or on your tablet. Using the Cloud, MakerBot provides you with the recordings of the camera in your account. If problems occur, access the printer remotely with the app. For example, you have the option to interrupt printing.  

MakerBot - new file format introduced

With the fifth generation of the MakerBot Replicator, the manufacturer establishes a new file format for the 3-D models. The format called "MakerBot" replaces the previous standard X3G. This is associated with a disadvantage: the fifth-generation replicator does not support X3G anymore. The company recommends to convert from X3G to Makerbot format. In addition, the presented device 3-D models, which are present in the thin, OBJ and STL formats prints. The delivery of the featured 3-D printer includes a filament coil PLA, which contains 900 milligrams. If there is a need for additional original material, the costs required by MakerBot are quite high. This results in a further disadvantage of the fifth generation MakerBot Replicator.


Conclusion guy

Powerful 3-D printer from MakerBot

Despite the two mentioned disadvantages, the MakerBot Recplicator of the 5th generation knows how to convince in the test. The 3-D printer is characterized by its numerous interfaces, the excellent print quality and the App or cloud support. The quality of the printed results meet exacting demands, which is why it is a professional device.

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