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Test report: German RepRap NEO 3D printer

The German RepRap NEO 3D printer in the video

If you are looking for an inexpensive entry-level device from the market of 3D printers, the model "German Reprap Neo 3D" is an interesting alternative. In the test, the above-mentioned 3D printer convinces with a good price / performance ratio. Judging by the requests of manufacturers, the device provides a convincing print quality. You will receive the purchase of German Neo Reprap a compact, rather small 3D printer. The tested device prints with PLA based on the FDM or FFF method. Attach the required filament in the form of coils on the back of the housing. With regard to the resolution of the German Reprap Neo realizes a film thickness of 100 microns (0.1 millimeters). In contrast to many other 3D printers, Neo-printer offers not you the option to make different settings in the layer thickness. For this purpose, you have the option of using nozzles with a diameter of 0.3 or 0.4 or 0.5 millimeters.  

3D printer surprised with good quality

With the mentioned layer thickness of 100 microns, the 3-D printer from the Munich company German Reprap shows its test in the test its first strength. This is a very good value in the corresponding price segment. Accordingly, the Neo printer provides satisfactory printing results. It is true that, with a close look at the object being produced, some unclean spots appear, which nevertheless remain within the framework. Finally proposes the tested 3-D printer many alternatives with similar prices. Obviously, the developers of German Reprap stayed in the construction of Neo on fast speeds. This is illustrated by the warm-up time: in just 90 seconds, the unit closes the warm-up phase. Thus the German Reprap Neo 3-D printer delivers an excellent result. There is also nothing to complain about during the subsequent printing process.According to the manufacturer, the maximum speed is 300 mm / s. If you choose to purchase the printer tested, you get a finished product and not a kit. This gives you the machine in a "ready-to-print" state. There is no need for a complex assembly. The time use, plug in a few steps from. First, power the 3-D printer with the included power supply. Then connect the device to your PC using a USB cable. The package contains a CD-ROM. You will find the necessary drivers, the software and a tutorial.  

Neo accepts filaments from other suppliers

A further advantage is the positioning of the PLA filaments. The manufacturer places the coils with the required plastic on the back of the housing. This gives you the opportunity to purchase refill material from alternative vendors. Consequently, there is no dependency on the manufacturer. This avoids unnecessarily high cost in operation. One limitation when tested device represents the limited pressure chamber. The results, however, already from the compact dimensions of the 3-D printer. The maximum pressure volume amounts to 15 centimeters in height, width and depth.  

Material limited to PLA

The next disadvantage of the German Reprap Neo is the material used. Said 3-D printer uses only PLA filaments.This includes a switch to alternatives such as ABS. However, the limitations associated therewith are limited for beginners in the field of 3-D printing.  

SD card slot and display are missing

For the transfer of 3-D models in the STL format to the printer requires a connection via USB cable. The manufacturer does not have a slot for SD cards. In addition, the smooth printing process requires a connected PC, which is always in the ready-to-operate state. Does the computer into Sleep mode, threatened an abort or failure of the printing process. The low price of the featured 3-D printer Neo from German Reprap reflected in its equipment resist. As a result, the user misses some useful functions or features that offer high-quality machines. This includes, for example, a heated printing plate. It prevents distortion of the printed objects due to different cooling speeds. In addition, a display is lacking in order to make various settings regarding the printing.


Conclusion guy

Neo-printer convinces with good price-performance ratio

In summary, German Reprap delivers a high-quality printer with the Neo in relation to the required price. You get a recommended starting device, which scores with surprisingly good print results and a high speed.Therefore, the 3-D printer is characterized by a more than satisfactory price-performance ratio. Understandably has a device in the low price segment its weaknesses.With the Neo, your material selection is limited to the PLA plastic. For this, the manufacturer waives useful features such as a display, a heated printing plate or an SD card slot.

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