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Review: Ultra Sport Up Down Stepper

The Ultra Sport Up Down Stepper in Video

What you should know about Ultra Sport Up-Down Stepper

I have long searched for a matching fitness machine in shops and on the Internet, that can also be used in his own home. Ultimately, fell my choice on an Up-Down Stepper manufacturer Ultra Sport. Now, after half a year of training and use of steppers, I wrote this review.

The Up-Down Stepper

manufactured Very robust the Up-Down Stepper is in its processing. Due to its diverse processing training with the Up-Down Stepper are possible, this variety one sees the Stairmaster at first glance not to. In addition, the fitness machine is equipped with a computer, which has numerous functions.

Therefore I have decided to purchase

As initially mentioned, I was looking for a fitness machine that is both simple to use, a variety of training opportunities, and above all, is also low. After a short search I found the Ultra Sport Up-Down Stepper. And yes, the stepper amply fulfilled my requirements. Den with the Up-Down Stepper can train both his leg muscles, but also his hip, buttock and Oberkörpermuskulator. The Up-Down Stepper thus offers five different training methods, this was even more than I expected eventually. Pleasantly surprised I was also unpack the Up-Down Stepper, the an assembly was not necessary. So you could immediately start training. I was also impressed with the security when buying from Stepper. So the stepper is both GS, as tested by the TÜV. Overall, the Up-Down Stepper is processed very safe, is the stepper very safe and, above all, non-slip due to its footprint. The treads are very large and certainly fit all shoe sizes, in addition, the treads are equipped with a non-slip surface. So you can train on the stepper sometimes in socks, which I personally find very pleasant. Overall, the operation of the stepper is very simple, this means the treads are to move easily and without excessive force. The training falls thus a very easy, especially for me as a beginner, this was very important in the early days. The stepper I use now for half a year several times a week, in spite of this intensive use, I have so far no damage or abrasions on stepper may find. Especially at the treads, I expected wear that may affect its operation. But this was not the case until today. Here the good processing the stepper has fully proved.

Basic computer

The Up-Down Stepper is equipped with a training computer. This training computer is equipped with a pedometer that detects the training time at the same time as well as the consumption of calories. The training computer I was initially not so happy that it lacked the necessary condition. This I soon went when training out of steam, this means that were not so good results on the training computer at the beginning. This impression has changed with me now.So today, both the number of steps, but also the calorie consumption an incentive for training. For the operation of the training computer power supply is not necessary, but the computer is running on batteries. The insertion as well as the replacement of the batteries is possible without great effort. Here, I was still pleasantly surprised when unpacking the stepper, when I realized that the batteries are included.

Low weight and space requirements

The Up-Down Stepper is in its dimensions and especially in his weight very easily. So the Up-Down Stepper comes only to a weight of 6 kg. This is very simple the Up-Down Stepper in the handling and transportation. Just when you do not want to have to stand around in the apartment the stepper, can the stepper transported easily and quickly and putting away. Buyer I have not paid attention to the dimensions and weight, in retrospect, the weight and the space requirement has proved to be good. The low by the weight and small dimensions, you can train with the Stepper almost anywhere. So I have warm temperatures already trained with the stepper in the garden.

Small disadvantage in Up-Down Stepper

From numerous positive experiences I have already reported to the Up-Down Stepper, but there are two minor drawbacks. The first disadvantage is the maximum user weight of Up-Down Stepper, so is this only 100 kg. I myself easily lay over 100 kg, but could use without problems the Up-Down Stepper anyway. By exceeding the maximum user weight I did not notice any damage and wear on my stepper. The are those limiting the user weight, it I did not pay for the purchase. Here, the manufacturer would have the maximum user weight on the packaging clearly highlight. Another criticism relates to the diverse training options with the Up-Down Stepper. Basically, I was very pleasantly surprised, what training opportunities this opens up a stepper. Unfortunately, however, they found neither on the packaging or in a small guide to the training facilities. Here I had to pick only to the different training options advice from the Internet. Here the manufacturer could gain through a training manual is based remedy. As an additional help and services would be desirable.


conclusion guyCompact and low, these two factors can reduce the Up-Down Stepper Ultra sports that were relevant when buying for me. A great idea when buying I had this not, now after half a year in use, I was the stepper fully convinced. So the stepper is very well made, despite its small dimensions and mainly, it offers a lot of variety. Five different training programs offered by the stepper, so that it is superior to many fitness equipment. The various training programs makes it easy to work out whatever fun you can always change. For motivation during training makes the stepper a training computer. But the training computer offers variety, so this not only detects the number of steps, but also other parameters. It is also essential weight from Stepper is low, so you can carry the Stepper easily and almost anywhere train with him. All in all, I can recommend the stepper due to the factors mentioned very. Although there are two minor criticisms related to the stepper.

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