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Review: Air Climber Stepper

What You Should Know About Air Climber Stepper

Small, handy and easy to use should be the fitness machine, ultimately I found these requirements in a stepper.Choosing a stepper much also for the reason, because depending on the model of a stepper same has several training opportunities. But the purchase turned out not so easy because of the prices, but also due to factors such as a maximum user weight. Ultimately my purchase decision fell on the Air Climber Stepper. Why I decided just for the Air Climber Stepper, which can subsequently learn in this small report.

That's why I bought the Stepper

My election to the Air Climber Stepper dropped for several reasons. The first reason for my purchase decision were the versatile training opportunities which a stepper offers. Overall, the stepper offers four different workout. The highest possible number of training opportunities was important to me for the reason because I wanted to avoid, I relatively quickly lose the fun of fitness machine of boredom. And indeed, those who constantly makes the same exercises, loses permanent pleasure. If a training opportunity I do not feel today, I rise simply to. Besides the training possibilities, the processing was for me, of course, a reason for buying. The Air Climber Stepper is characterized by a solid construction and a high user weight. So the treads are the stepper very large and non-slip especially. Both makes the stepper for the one has a very good grip during training. Ultimately, of course, has also influenced my purchase, which has already shown this Stepper TV.

No assembly required

The Air Climber Stepper I bought on the internet and was after ordering very excited about the delivery. Den I had the great fear that I still need to configure the stepper. But this fear has not been confirmed to happiness.Immediately after unpacking the stepper I completed then because of curiosity and Vorfreunde, the first small training session. Although I must admit, when unpacking the stepper I was shocked. The large parts of steppers are made of plastic.Here I made especially worry about the stability of the stepper. But this shock lay down relatively quickly.

Can you train Eclectic

Very versatile, you can train with the Air Climber Stepper. So you can train with the Stepper his bottom, but also the legs, hips and back. Helpful especially at the beginning, the various settings of the difficulty of the training.Altogether there are five stages in this stepper, the fifth stepper is the most difficult. Just as a beginner and I had had when I started about a year ago with the training, started by the setting made very easy. Very positive and also one of the reasons for the purchase is the accessory of the Air Climber Stepper. So a stepper looks at first glance very simple to operate from, but already with the purchase I had my reservations. For this reason I have taken on the purchase of steppers, on an accessory, such as a training manual. Here the Air Climber Stepper is one accessory supplied not only a training manual, but also a DVD. Since you can perform a variety of exercises with the Air Climber Stepper, the DVD was very important and useful, especially in the early days of training. The on DVD Step by step identifies the various training opportunities. Can do wrong is this nothing.

High load from Stepper

What has surprised me in general when buying a fitness machine, was the maximum user weight. In really very many fitness equipment, especially in the steppers this was a maximum of 100 or 110 kg. Unfortunately, I weigh a little more than 110 kilograms, about wants and I do not need a fitness machine. A stepper with a user weight of 100 or 110 kg, I did not want to buy, the risk that this stepper then has only a short-term life, me personally was too large. After a longer search I then met with the Air Climber Stepper with its high user weight of up to 135 kg. This high user weight I can use the stepper very good.

Low weight of Stepper

Not critical in the stepper is also its weight and dimensions. So the weight is the stepper only 8 kg. Because of this low weight, can be transported to the stepper very good. This is not unimportant, especially not if you do not want to have to stand around in his apartment the stepper. I train for example, only twice a week, but then it longer. The remaining time would stand around the stepper only with me, because of low weight but I can easily get this every time and put away again after training then, this is in my eyes an advantage compared to other fitness equipment.

Small disadvantage of stepper

Besides the many positive features of Air Climber Stepper there is also a drawback, namely in the volume.Depending on training and setting you make with the stepper, the treads in the upward and downward movements are sometimes very loud. This should essentially be due to the air-power technology that is used in the stepper.Here, perhaps, the manufacturer should make improvements and work on the volume of the stepper.


conclusion guyApproximately one year I use several times a week now the Air Climber Stepper for my training. The fact that the training works for me, meanwhile reflected on the scale again. Even after a year in use, I have not lost the fun stepper. This is thanks to the versatile training and adjustment. The addition to the four possible training areas, there are five settings, over which one can control the difficulty. Just as a beginner one has with the Air Climber Stepper an easy entry. But even if you do not feel like a heavy training has, you can easily adjust a light training stage. Even after the now long training period, there is the Air Climber Stepper no signs of wear or damage. Today, the stepper is still as good as on the first day. A small disadvantage is the volume depending on the setting.

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