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Test report: ZUK Z2 Pro


Operating system and performance

The ZUK Z2 Pro is a smartphone that can convince with its performance and features. It is offered in several colors, such as black or white. It offers a relatively small scope for individuality. Published by Lenovo, it is equipped with Android 6.0. What should be noted at this point, however, is that the operating system of the ZUK Z2 Pro can not be updated. If an attempt is made to manually change or manipulate the operating system, the guarantee expires with immediate effect. The possibilities are almost infinite thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 820 64bit quad core CPU. The device convinces with a high speed processor with a maximum of 2.15 GHz, which allows a pleasure without jerks and without heat development. 6 GB of memory also allow the smartphone to work quickly, although the internal memory with 128 GB is not to be despised. This means that all data can be stored without any problems and worries about the availability of space. Furthermore, the device offers the possibility to use not only one, but two sim cards simultaneously. However, this is just an option, not a must. The high performance capacity makes it possible to run many different apps at the same time, without the device losing speed or power. This point is not to be despised, especially for multi-users, since it still promises a consistently high performance capacity.  


The equipment of the ZUK Z2 Pro does not have to hide behind other smartphone manufacturers. On the contrary, with heart rate and blood oxygen meters, fingerprint sensor, flashlight and very good display, it can easily keep up with the big ones. Heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood are determined by a sensor on the back of the smartphone. After the app has been started, only the finger has to be placed on this sensor and briefly maintained. Also the battery can score with good performance. The pure talk time is about 8 hours, and 48 hours in standby mode. During charging, no heat is detected, so you can connect it safely to the charging socket.  

Display and camera quality

The display is more specifically a 5.2 inch Super Amoled display. This has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and delivers crisp images. It is also very well illuminated and offers powerful and genuine colors. The camera of the ZUK Z2 Pro delivers sharp and rich pictures, which take pleasure in watching. Even the quality of the videos is very good and even offers some features, such as the slow motion or time lapse mode. The device is relatively light and is well in the hand. The display is protected by gorilla glass. This allows protection against scratches or other minor damage. The volume controls as well as the power button are located on the sides of the unit and can be used easily at any time.  


The ZUK Z2 Pro supports all popular telephone networks and frequencies (2G, 3G, 4G as well as LTE) in Germany, which makes the usage significantly more comfortable. The language quality can also be convincing. The dial-in and connection time, when using WLAN or Bluetooth, is fast and stable, so you do not have to make any cuts. What you will usually find in vain when the smartphone is delivered is the Google Play Store. This can be, however, with a little idea, at any time post-installed. However, in some cases it may happen that it is already installed before shipping. Since it is a product from China, the language is predominantly English, although in some cases it was not properly translated. Sometimes it can even happen that in some areas no translation took place. Otherwise, Chinese and Japanese are among the most popular languages of the ZUK Z2 Pro. However, it is also possible to buy the device in a multilanguage version. A positive surprise will be the Homebutton, which also serves as a fingerprint sensor at the same time and thus protects sensitive data and the phone itself from foreign access. It not only detects the finger in a certain position, but also from different positions, which makes the unlocking much easier. The Homebutton can be configured as desired, so you can decide which function should be executed at which touch. For example, you can navigate to the start menu, close or open certain apps by simply touching or printing.


Conclusion guyThe question, whether smartphones "made in China" with the big manufacturers can keep up can be answered here safely with "Yes". The quality is surprisingly good and the use relatively simple. For anyone who wants to use a high-quality and functional smartphone without having to spend half a fortune or to commit to expensive contracts for years, the ZUK Z2 Pro is the best solution. It offers all the features that the big smartphone manufacturers offer and the user has to make little compromises. The screen is large and offers rich and full colors. The smartphone works quickly, even when using multiple apps, and can convince by a powerful camera. In addition, the processing of the hardware was very neat. Edges and connections are cleanly worked out and it is light and well in the hand. Due to the relatively smooth housing, however, it is advisable to either hold it firmly or to invest in a protective cover. Voice quality, and sound output when playing music or videos are flawless and promise a long-lasting pleasure on this device. So who is the English is powerful and also generally a little technikaffin is, this device can not make much wrong. In addition, many of the apps you can load onto the ZUK Z2 Pro are linguistically variable. Here, in most cases, you can also set up German, which makes the use even more pleasant. If you do not want to support the big manufacturers and still want to have a high-quality product, the ZUK Z2 Pro is a good alternative.

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