Philips HD4419 / 20 Table Grill

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Review: Philips HD4419 / 20 Table Grill

What you should know about the Philips HD4419 / 20 Table Grill

The Philips HD4419 / 20 Table grill is equipped with a table top that sealed the taste of the food being grilled. The integrated thermostat a perfect preparation of the relevant meat or vegetables is guaranteed. In addition, a high power for rapid heating and a constant heat output is possible in the table BBQ, which also provides for an optimal preparation. The grill is equipped with an innovative non-stick coating, which ensures a quick and easy cleaning of the grill. For the fat drain a drip tray is housed in the grill, which also ensures a healthy grilling because the fat can no longer burn. The individual parts are all accommodate for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. With these advantages, it has gained a barbecue, which ensures a summery flavor even through the winter time and for optimal barbecue experience.

Delivery and packaging

The delivery will be delivered as promised within three days afterordering. The packaging is designed so that not too much accumulates on paper, but the grilling arrives perfectly protected. After unpacking the grill can immediately be used when you want to. So an immediate Grill game there is no obstacle.


The grill is very easy to use, simply insert the plug and set the correct temperature. Thus, the grill is quick on the temperature that is required for their food to be grilled. By grate grating the meat obtain a pleasant texture, which would appear the same even more appetizing meat. The cooking grates should be cleaned very light and taken by each part apart quickly so that everything can be packed into the dishwasher. The drip tray has its benefits and ensures that the juice of the meat but also the marinade is derived through the bars and can drip into the drip tray.When cleaning only the frame needs to be wiped with a damp cloth and after assembly can find a perfect place for accommodating the grill. All this is done in a few minutes. The barbecue is technically very well thought out and supports the operation also. Particularly attractive are the five different stages grill that can be used for meat, fish or vegetables. The grill has all the comforts you could wish for a pleasant barbecue evening. So you have even in the winter does not dispense with the summer feeling, because the grill is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Quality and processing

The Philips HD4419 / 20 Table Grill has, as promised by the manufacturer, a high quality and also a similar processing. The individual parts are made of high quality materials and are very durable. Everything has to be removed in parts, also afterward reassemble fixed, thus ensuring a perfect fit. Nothing wobbles or rattles, even after repeated use. A device that offers many uses and ensures perfect baking results. For this quality of the price is typical for the producer but justified.


The grill by Philips is not only very easy to use, but the grilling result is excellent as it is possible to provide for an E-Grill. With an output of 2300 watts and a voltage of 230V the barbecue has enough power to make nice and brown the food. With a size of 51.6 x 31.2 x 7.3 cm and a pleasant weight of 4 kg, it is easy to transport and also finds everywhere a place quickly. In Black and metal it is a highlight to the eye. The grill also a flavor seal is guaranteed and the barbecued food can unfold its full flavor. The grill plate is extra thick and so has a much larger heat storage capacity. The grill has a ribbed and a smooth side, which can be used for different barbecue food. Firstly, for vegetables and a dessert crepe like that can be very well prepared. With included in delivery is a lifter which is to turn the food, to stir and to lift it to the grill food. But even a small recipe book is included. So even you get the same few ideas about what you could cook. If you want to take a break, can the Grill on the lowest level and can be raised again as needed to either heat the plate. The cable of the grill is perfectly adequate with a length of 100 cm.


  • Extra thick grill plate of 6 mm and an aroma protection, which ensures a special taste
  • 5 adjustable grill settings
  • High quality material
  • Different grilled food can be used
  • Fast heating
  • Immediately replacing the pores when barbecuing for a special flavor
  • Quick and easy cleaning


  • For outdoor grilling a windshield would be very pleasant, so that the flesh is protected. Otherwise, no complaints.


conclusion guyWith the Philips HD4419 / 20 Table Grill has opted for a device that you can use outdoors as well as inside the apartment and spend a lovely and especially culinary evening. The griddle can accommodate the ingredients of four people. For the different types of meat, the temperature can be adjusted optimally. The extra thick grill plate makes it possible for the heat long can bestored and is provided for an extra long grilling time. Thus, the meat long stay warm and you can also enjoy a little later. In addition, the grill is equipped with a long cable and a grease collection tray, which ensures a healthy grilling. If desired, the grill alsooffers options that you can cook fried eggs or crepe. The Philips HD4419 / 20 Table Grill offers all the comfort. When cleaning you do not have much trouble, and the parts can easily be accommodated in the dishwasher. So is provided for a quick clean. The frame can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. be folded up is easy and makes a simple accommodation possible. The grill has many advantages. The only thing that the customers do not like is the lack of wind protection, otherwise there is this practical and pleasant barbecue faulted. An investment that pays off and makes the pleasant for many hours.

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