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Review: Digital Smoker Bradley Smoker

in Test The Bradley Smoker Smoker showed his strengths. He is regarded as a uniquely innovative product, because its digital control system ensures precise smoking. The aroma bisquettes, or rather the wood is burned at a constant temperature and this precise combustion is achieved through a temporal freezing flash of approximately 20 minutes. In the test showed that it is thus achieved a more consistent flavor and be cooked foods consistently hangs in the smoke. To achieve this a smoker had permanent smoke flavor and also has the test confirms. The use of wood-Bisquettes is very innovative because these Bisquettes optimal burn and optimally affect the taste of food.It emerged in the test no toxic resins and acids and the final result is optimal smoked foods such as fish or ham.  

Compact design and easy to carry

The size of Bradley Smokers with dimensions 35.6 x 35.6 x 78.7 cm, is as big as a small refrigerator in about. The test showed the handling that this smoke cabinet is optimally transported to. In addition, a measured weight of 20 yielded k, so you this Smoking and Curing really easy to move back and forth. The handling is not only optimized for transport, but here you need not remain permanently on site and guarding the cabinet during smoking, because everything that happens inside, will be done through the secure digital control. So the cabinet incenseautomatically when you have filled it.  

The operation of Bradley Smokers in Test

Experienced burn incense for two types of smoking, cold-smoked and hot-smoked. During cold-smoked warm smoke inside the smoke oven is first created and the Bradley Smoker manages this task quickly. We tested here showed again strengths over the small combustion chamber and smoke chamber, which then provides the food with a very good flavor. The hot-smoking is a difficult discipline, because here is cooked with the heat. For long hours, the temperature must be kept perfectly and the test is accurate values, which are always held on the digital control showed. Up to 9 hours of this smokehouse has kept the temperatures optimal. One is also to be noted, for the cold-smoking process you need an adapter was also included with this case and so the makers of this smoke cabinet have really good considering the facilities. In the test, you have the smoking process Although monitors and in reality, the user can engage in the safe technique. So just needs enough Bisquettes fill the hot-smoking and the rest is done by the Bradley alone, according to the variable setting with time delay.  

A separate heating element is controlled digitally

When Bradley Smoker will not work with open flames, but this Bisquettes be so far heated to a separate heating element that these Bisquettes burn as smoldering and produce the smoke warm. The heating element is used simultaneously as a heating, which then generates the cooking temperature. Handling is safe and clean, you put such a review happen wood Bsiquettes simply in a rail and a digital control systemautomatically takes care of the replenishment. Your hands are clean and everything is controlled by the timing. In the test also showed precision in the timing, one can sit down to the second control the Gar-operation and facilitates handling optimally.  

The facilities of Bradley Smokers

The Bradley Smoker has a light and easy-to-clean interior, because the predominant part is manufactured of stainless steel. Of course, everyone has to do with smoking knows that the patina, which settles in the interior amplifies the smoke flavor. This shows in the test, that the materials used this patina only easily adopt and that makes this smoke cabinet so hygienic. One would be able to clean from time to time this interior and that goes very well with these materials, because one can also take care of the hygiene that is reflected in the test to be particularly positive. Just then if only temporarily, and burn incense at long intervals, this is advantageous.  

The digital control in test mode

As long as the power supply works, works the digital controller. This provides security, because once is a power failure, thestored values of the setting are also stored temporarily. That means comfort and control sets easily again when the power supply is recovered, bringing the smoking process to the end. This shows that this Smoker or rather small smoke cabinet is very well thought out in every detail and always works without supervision. So you can devote this time to other things and the Bisquettes for smoking are always reliable burned up to 9 hours. The ash can also safely remove at the end of the smoking process and the Mengen are correspondingly low. We have here the essence that one little timber needs in the form of Bisquettes to burn incense to optimal. 4 shelves and shelves are predetermined and there is also an extended version with 6 grids. The temperatures can be set in Fahrenheit or Celsius optional. In summary, showed a good result for the use of Bradely Smokers who showed easy control and safe operation, the compact design and the light transport that are the mostimportant characteristics of the test. The heat in the interior is well insulated and so the outer shell remains undamaged in the paint look.


conclusion guyThe conclusion of the tests of Bradley Smokers shows how easy it can be today even to smoking. Even the basic version of this model for the private sector optimally suited to smoke flavorings to transfer to food and thus provide for more flavor and substantial food. It's easy with no dirty hands and a secure digital control. In test showed that is really thought of everything and safety is paramount. Gastronomy in particular has discovered this Smoker for their purposes and this model, there is also in a larger version, with the same technical conditions. Especially when handling and ease of use showed the strengths, showing this product at a goodprice.

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