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Test report: Kraftmax X2020 Flashlights

In some situations in daily life it can happen that a flashlight is necessary. But flashlights are equal flashlights. This is the consumer's note only when he has tried an LED flashlight. This is because the LED flashlight, the conventional ones leave in the rain. With a LED flashlight the light is clearly brighter and the energy consumption is much lower. A particularly good LED flashlight is the Kraftmax X2020 flashlight. The reason for this is the very high-quality material and its precise fine-tuning. What's more, the Kraftmax torch does not have to hide in fashion. 

Small yet powerful

With a length of 1.34 meters the flashlight is very well in the hand. But the consumer does not have to be a bodybuilder to hold the Kraftmax X2020 torch for hours. The weight is just 139 grams. Furthermore, the flashlight has a very grippable surface. This ensures that the consumer does not slip the flashlight out of his hands. This is not affected by a small pacifier. Even a small sudden rainstorm does not hurt the flashlight. By being splash-proof, the flashlight keeps it off.  

The flashlight does not leave anyone in the dark

The Kraftmax X2020 Flashlight provides the consumer with two types of light. These include the flood and spotlight. To use both possibilities with this flashlight, this was equipped with a rotating focus system. This was specially designed very stably, because the consumer should use the flashlight for years. Furthermore, with the Kraftmax torch, there is the possibility to optimally adjust the light modes. This means the consumer can adjust 30 and 100 percent light capacity or stroboscopy. The maximum light intensity of the Kraftmax X2020 flashlight is incredible 160 lumens. This makes the flashlight extremely bright. Precisely for this reason, the flashlight is a focusable high-power LED flashlight.  

Easy handling - no problem

In order to increase the Kraftmax flashlight in operation, the consumer does not have to have studied. Simply insert the batteries, press the on / off button, done. It is best to use 3 x AAA batteries for the flashlight. The first purchase of the Kraftmax X2020 torch is already included in the scope of supply. A special highlight is the hand cuff. This ensures the fast use of the flashlight. The consumer also does not need to worry that the loop simply slides over the wrist. To allow the flashlight also a dark environment, it can simply be placed in the holster. The bag is included with the purchase. This ensures that the flashlight can recover well. If the flashlight times fall down, it does not split immediately into all the individual parts, also for that the holster is very good.  

Flexible to use

This flashlight is also excellent for cycling. With the enormous luminosity the cyclist is seen very well in the dark. With the LED light, however, it is ensured that the respondent is not blinded. It is therefore possible to move past each other optimally without being blind. The Kraftmax flashlight therefore optimally adapts to the needs of the consumer. The secure support is reinforced by the almost ergonomic shape.


Conclusion guy The conclusion for this flashlight is obvious. All those who still have an ordinary flashlight at home, should buy the Kraftmax X2020 flashlight as soon as possible. The price / performance ratio is really unbeatable. The purchase price is opposite the performance, just ridiculous. 20 euros to invest, to have a very bright environment for years, it does not get any easier. It takes more than 100 hours to burn the batteries until the batteries need to be replaced. Of course, the values have been measured in normal use. At this price, even more Kraftmax X2020 flashlights can buy, so as not to be constantly watching you forget them.

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