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Test report: EasyAcc Flashlights

The EasyAcc flashlights offers three lamps in one, and still under 10 euros. These functions are a headlamp flashlight including head and hand band, in addition the Focus can be individually adjusted. For this purpose simply has to be turned at the head of the flashlight. Therefore, the EasyAcc Flashlights are also suitable for mountaineering, or other outdoorting activities. However, batteries are not included here, but must be purchased separately. The on / off switch is located at the end of the flashlight and can be adjusted in three steps. In addition, the flashlight is shockproof, water resistant and non-slip.The brightness is up to 500 lumens and there are 3 AAA batteries for operation in the flashlight. The weight of the lamp is 259 grams and the dimensions are 15.6 x 9.2 x 5 cm. This is as far as the specifications of the manufacturer, but how good is the EasyAcc Flashlights to use and above all how easy is the operation. Exactly the same normal customers have once tested, because here the torch was used in normal situations. Such a test usually means more than if the EasyAcc flashlights in the laboratory perform particularly well.  

Price really very cheap

This is exactly what most customers have said first, because they bought exactly because of the low price the EasyAcc flashlights. Only then came the actual employment, whereby the opinions of course a little apart. The one customer found the handling very easy, completely without an instruction manual, which was by the way for the majority. The only downside, many had to buy batteries first. However, this was not a problem as everyone knew that no batteries were included. Until then, all the testers were satisfied, but then the first opinions were already split. Here the processing was the biggest criticism, because the one found this for the price in order, others felt these rather than scrap. Especially with a tester the EasyAcc flashlights was broken after just a few days. So points were deducted here, but most customers are very satisfied with the flashlight.  

Simply clip it with a clip

Also here the testers were more than satisfied, especially since the EasyAcc flashlights also holds on a belt. So everyone had their hands free to do something else with it. All in all, the torch still got 4.4 out of a total of five possible points. Most of the prints were then only with a tester, but because the flashlight after a short time was defective. Also important was the brightness, which was felt as very pleasant. Everything was illuminated brightly, so that a precise working in the dark is possible. This flashlight has convinced almost all testers, just as this is still so favorable. A purchase that none of the testers regretted, because of the low price. Because usually cost such flashlights with the equipment then much more, whereby this is then also really very cheap and yet more than good. So the testers gave a clear purchase recommendation, which is especially with flashlights, but very rarely the case. In addition, the really more than reasonable price plays a big role, as many testers had not really expected such a high quality. For this reason, the EasyAcc flashlights would buy at any time, because the performance is really very good. Light and yet very easy to use, which can then also be clamped. A flashlight that really does everything, even if this should be wet.


Conclusion guy A good flashlight does not have to be expensive, which shows the EasyAcc flashlights. Light and yet very hard-wearing, even if it has to insert some shocks once. So all the testers have expressed themselves, since these did not regret the purchase. Only with a tester went the torch broken after a few days, which may have been a mistake of the manufacturer. This is not the result of the assessment, but the tester simply drew three points. So the EasyAcc flashlights are recommended, especially because of the unbeatable low price. Quality does not have to be expensive, which has been proven here. Although the batteries had to be bought extra, which then but the tester did not disturb.

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