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Test report: Striiv Band Fitness Tracker

Everyone should be a bit sporty. The Striiv Band Fitness Tracker is a great utensil and certainly not just a nice decoration. The band will keep what it promises and also make everyday life a little more enjoyable. The band is easy to put on and can bring a lot of fun. The sport is certainly even better to cope and it will be exciting to use this with the help of the tracker. This band is always enjoyable and everyone can enjoy it. The band is not expensive and is a great gift. Of course here is also much possible with it. When partners buy such a gym, they can even communicate with each other. The Striiv Band Fitness Tracker is a very nice band, which of course can do even more.  

The tape at delivery

In the normal case the band is already a bit pre-loaded, but here, of course, is important that nevertheless once is charged. Only when the tape is really fully charged, the connection with the smartphone works without problems. The fitness tracker will be easy to connect with a smartphone. The Fitnesstracker is great and can still have connectivity problems with one device. But, as a rule, it can just as easily connect to the device again. Therefore, it is always important not to get angry here. The Striiv Band Fitness Tracker is good and will please everyone.  

The working hours

The Striiv Band Fitness Tracker is modern and looks great. It is always available for everyone. It is promised that the tracker will always and everywhere. The Fitnesstracker can monitor the daily steps and will of course send them to the smartphone. The distance traveled can thus be read as well. The tracker is great and will always be good. He makes everyday life much better and it will also be a kind of motivation aid. Every seven days the tracker has to be recharged. But this is perfectly in the normal range and so wanted. The tracker can also display the consumed calories and it also quickly becomes clear whether this is all worthwhile at all. This device is barely noticeable on the wrist and is always great to look at. There are no digital displays, but this is also unnecessary. The tracker has LED strips that make it really great.  

The functions and exact to the Strip Fitness Tracker

Even the shower does not have to be dispensed with the tracker. The individual functions are always great and also make a lot of fun. It is a good tracker, which will always run reliably. In the scope is also here much. The tracker is perfect and is used gladly. Many use the tracker to drive a lot more sport and share it with a community. The sport in the community is much better and also makes much more joy. This can also be mutually animated. The sport with the help of the fitness trainer is exciting and should also be shared with all. This makes it possible for everyone to have much more pleasure and everything will be better. This bracelet is perfect for that. It has a very small screen and is made of ion glass. The tracker is modern and is updated regularly.  

Water resistance

Although the Tracker can also be worn under the shower, but here is always also caution to guess. The tracker is perfect and will also look good. However, he can not be carried in the swimming pool any more. For then the water-tightness will not suffice. In this case, the tracker can even be damaged.  

The scope of supply

The package contains everything you need to get really good. The tracker is designed so that it regularly updates regularly. The tracker also carries a load tray. This is handy and great. It is a pleasure to be able to handle it well.


Conclusion guy A good Fitnesstracker is always special. The Fitnesstracker is great and will also work perfectly on the wrist. It makes a lot of fun to do sports. The tracker is always good and will also be helpful. It can have a motivating effect and makes a lot of things. This Fitnesstracker is perfect and will also be suitable. It can be bought for a couple and everyone can communicate with it. This Fitnesstracker is perfect and makes a lot of fun. It is always modern and is also gladly used. This tracker is small and compact. Moreover, it is really ultra light. The tracker is great and will surely please the new owner. Now everyone can protect themselves. The tracker is perfect and is gladly used. The tracker is perfect and looks nice too. He does not have much, but can do very much and will always do well.

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