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Review: Sony Mobile SWR10 Fitness Tracker

The Sony Mobile SWR10 Fitness Tracker records all events of the day, which are clearly documented. With the Lifelog-App an active life, without forgetting something. No matter whether it is a step, a photo, a music or an itinerary. The design is waterproof to IP58, the recharge time is up to seven days. Easy control of the music by the tapping function, whereby the SWR10 makes the easy tapping possible. Compatible with all smartphones from Android 4.4. Two bracelets with sizes S and L are included, as well as a metal clip, a core and a USB charging cable. Keep up-to-date on the road, whether it's a call or the receipt of a mail. Easy control by tapping, whereby in addition a separate memory is integrated. This does not require a connection to the smartphone. This can take up to 14 days, the data is then automatically transferred when connected to the smartphone. As far as the manufacturer's information is concerned, can he keep his promises? Exactly the testing here once quite normal users, so customers who bought such a bracelet. Thus, the Sony Mobile SWR10 Fitness Tracker is also tested in the most diverse situations, without any laboratory conditions. Such a test can then be more meaningful than if the test always takes place under optimal conditions.  

First installation

All customers were satisfied with the delivery, as well as the clear packaging. However there was already the one or the other point deduction, since the instructions were not complete. For the first commissioning this was sufficient, but if you would like more knowledge, then this has to do with Sony on the Internet. So there was no full score here, which would have been possible with a complete guide. Charging was simple, however, as this is possible with every charger for a mobile phone. Another missing point was the lack of guidance to establish the connection with the smartphone. Although the core should do itself, which is not so with every smartphone so. So the customers first had to look at the Internet, which led to the first frustration. Then the core could then also connect to the smartphone, which partly but then took some time. Here the manufacturer had promised more than was then held. Likewise, the Sony Mobile SWR10 Fitness Tracker does not support any other operating systems, which in turn was felt as very disadvantageous. Therefore the customers were somewhat disappointed here, but then the tracker was then still further tested.  

Wear comfort and functionality

Again, there were considerable point prints, since the closure was not very well processed. Apparently this was not the case with all customers. A customer even lost the bracelet quite unintentionally after a while, because contrary to all opinions this is very easy. So the Sony Mobile SWR10 fitness tracker got the full score with the comfort of wearing here, whereby the closure could be better processed. The tape is so light that it is not noticed in the daily tasks. This was felt to be very beneficial because many users do not wear a watch for this reason. In addition, steps can be counted, but this was not always very accurate. But also here many customers have not had great expectations, not least because of the favorable price. Here all testers were once agreed, this is simply only favorable. The operation, on the other hand, was really very easy, because this goes with a simple tap. Therefore, the Sony Mobile SWR10 fitness tracker here also reached the highest score. The gentle wake-up function was tasted by all testers and felt really very gentle.


Conclusion guySome testers were very satisfied with the Sony Mobile SWR10 FitnessTracker, others not at all. Many points were deducted from the guide, since this is only available on the Internet. The commissioning, that is, the charging was quite simple. In addition, many felt the closure as very bad, because this loosens very quickly. Otherwise, the Sony Mobile SWR10 FitnessTracker is very useful, especially if you are not very demanding. Thus, the fitness tracker from Sony then still received 3.2 out of five points. Most of the points with the missing complete instructions were deducted and with the shutter. The alarm function has been highlighted, because this really works as promised by the manufacturer. Thus, a purchase recommendation was pronounced, but only who does not make high demands. The control of the smartphone is also possible over the band, which kept another promise from the manufacturer. Some problems came by the guide, which was not complete. Only after reading this on the Internet was the Sony Mobile SWR10 fitness tracker fully tested. Recommended for the price, of course, the guide is an important component. All in all, highly recommended.

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