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Test report: phyode W Me purple Fitness Tracker

What is W / Me?

The "phyode W Me purple fitness tracker" is a bracelet that can measure the vital functions of the body. With a very special algorithm the bracelet is thus able to recognize and analyze the physical and partly also the mental state of the wearer. The fitness tracker can offer, among other things, a "breath control", with which the device tries to relieve stress in the wearer and increase the endurance. As soon as the device detects that you are nervously stressed or tense are immediately tips and tricks for relaxation delivered. W / Me is controlled by an app, which is available, for example, on the Apple Store. If you have questions about the function or generally to this product, the support is immediately available and usually provides fast and also meaningful answers.  

The personal assistant

The "phyode W Me purple fitness tracker" is not a wellness accessory, but you can almost call it a personal assistant. Not only does he support the fitness area, he also informs about incoming calls, messages or emails. In addition, the time is displayed reliably, so you always know how late it is. So all the information is bundled in one device. Contrary to all expectations, this works quite well in reality. Thus, for example, the heart rate is given surprisingly precisely, which is very revealing. By the way, even the camera of the mobile phone can be activated with this fitness tracker, so even sporty photos nothing stands in the way.  

the period

The W / Me is connected via Bluetooth to the mobile phone. By the way, it consumes little energy and can, for normal use, last for about 14 days. This is a tremendous achievement, considering the use of the bracelet almost every day. The fitness bracelet is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is fortunately also included in the delivery.  

Comfort and appearance

The "phyode W Me purple Fitness Tracker" is not only very useful, it also looks stylish. For example, it is available in many different colors, so that for every man or woman, the right thing is there. Possible colors are, for example, blue, orange or green. In a single size you can not adjust it, but it usually fits on every wrist. The band itself is flexible and adapts itself individually to the wrist. Since the body measurements are carried out via a small sensor, which is on the bracelet, one should pay attention that the sensor is not hairs in the way. Otherwise it becomes difficult with the measurements.  


Conclusion guyThe bottom line is that you can find in the "phyode W Me purple fitness tracker" a loyal companion for everyday life. It is portable for everyone, but you should pay attention that the sensor also touches the skin, since otherwise no measurements can be performed. In general, one can argue about the fit or comfort of the bracelet, but here everyone has an individual feeling what one considers comfortable. Once connected via Bluetooth to the mobile phone, the bracelet ensures that you can not miss any incoming calls, messages or emails.   The recharge time with 14 days is actually realistic which makes a long and uncomplicated use of the bracelet possible. Since it is connected via Bluetooth to the mobile phone, it does not take much effort to use the fitness tracker. However, it may happen that the Bluetooth connection is unstable. But who has so far in his mobile phone no difficulties or irregularities in the use of Bluetooth has established, will not be disappointed.

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