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Test report: Huawei Talkband B1 Fitness Tracker

Huawei is a Chinese electric guitar, which connects headset and fitness band with the Talkband B1. At the Chinese manufacturer, the Huawei Talkband B1 is, by the way, the first Smartwatch. Smartwatch as a categorization, however, is not quite true, because it is rather a fitness band. This fitness band, however, offers a few more features, which are not quite common with the bands. The talk belt is 26 grams light and there is the curved or flexible OLED display. This display measures 1.4 inches and on the wrist it is relatively supple. Overall, however, the band is relatively thick with 1.5 centimeters. There are some technical highlights, including the removable clip. Users can use the clips as a headset for telephony. According to Huawei, up to 7 hours of talk time should be possible. Other devices are connected via NFC and Bluetooth. All devices with Android version 2.3 and iOS 5.0 and higher are compatible.  

Important information about the Huawei Talkband B1

Just like other fitness bands, Huawei's Talk Band B1 can also record different data during carrying, including burnt calories and distance. A sleep monitor is a special feature. The manufacturer charges approximately two hours during charging and this is done with the help of a USB connection. The runtime of the battery should be about six days. Overall, it's more like just a smart gadget for the wrist. It is an innovative hybrid of Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker. With the smartphone the model harmoniously with NFC and Bluetooth. The OLED display is clear and curved. The size of the display is 1.6 inches and this corresponds to 4 centimeters. Everyone has an overview of everything that happens on the smartphone and also the activities are evaluated. The dimensions are 247 millimeters high by 15 millimeters wide by 19 millimeters deep. The weight is 26.2 grams and available colors are blue, gray and black.  

What needs to be considered when buying?

The Talkband B1 from Huawei is a combination of Fitnessband and hands-free headset. This talkband works with iOS and Android smartphones. Among the fitness bands, this is a kind of surprise egg. The black display triggers a button press completely from the tape. It can then turn out as an earphone and microphone. The energy-saving Bluetooth 4.0 does not work with the fitness belt and therefore it connects via Bluetooth 3.0 with a smartphone. The positive side effect is that it can also be used with older smartphones. If the Bluetooth connection breaks between the two devices, the band vibrates here. It is thus a practical reminder, whereby in everyday life the vibration alarms can annoy. With high quality headsets the voice quality can not keep up, but it is okay. The number of the caller is shown in the band, but not the name from the mobile phone address book. It should be noted that the display can hardly be read in the sun. If it rings, then there is the unlock button on the tape. The band releases the button in the ear then and conversations are accepted. For a secure fit in the ear, the three plug-in ear cups, which have different sizes. The arm is comparatively short and so the headset is prone to wind and background noise. Otherwise, the gym can count steps and calories, and the band will not record further movements and cycling. The band can also awaken people and evaluate movements during sleep. A smart alarm can even arouse an accidental nap. However, the vibration alarm is not very noticeable in the band.  


Conclusion guyIt is a clever idea when fitness functions are combined with a headset for hands-free talking. There is a voice quality that is fine. However, it should be noted that hardly any fitness functions are provided by the talc band. No charge plug is required because a USB plug is installed. It is simply charged with a USB port and then the tape is charged for about 2 hours. The tape can be opened and closed with two press buttons, but this is much too easy.  

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