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Test report: BH Fitness SB2.2 Fitnessbike

Sports at home

Sport is not only healthy but also provides for body fit and a well-shaped figure. If you want to exercise regularly and intensively at home, the BH Fitness SB2.2 Fitnessbike is the right choice. Already the ergonomic and modern design makes a good mood and invites you right to the training. This ensures maximum motivation and endurance, so that the desired figure is achieved quickly. When working out on the BH Fitness SB2.2 Fitnessbike you have to look out for the weather in comparison to the outdoortraining. Because you do not even need to leave the house, to be able to train with it effectively and sustainably.  

Training comfort and setting possibilities

With the device conception, the developers put much importance on pleasant driving comfort. The handlebar handle is ergonomically shaped and can be adapted to the needs and the individual body size of the athlete. The saddle, which resembles the shape of a sports bicycle saddle, can also be adjusted in height. In order to adjust the saddle and handlebar, you do not need any tools. You just have to pull out the grip pins on the steering or saddle bar to move them. Adjust the settings, just put the bolts back into the appropriate hole and the sports equipment is immediately ready for training again.  

Always keep full control during training

If you want to lose calories and fat fast and effectively, and you want to steal your muscles, you should know what he has achieved with his workout or what he does during the workout. Without technical control, there is a risk that the training will not be effective enough, and that you will lose your precious time through wrong training. This is why the BH Fitness SB2.2 Fitnessbike is equipped with an LCD display, which provides important data to the athlete during training. The LCD display is easy to read and provides precise training control during training. It always shows the current data about speed, revolutions, time, distance and even the calories consumed. Thus, it is easy to get exact goals, and after the workout proudly to be able to look at the exact number of burned calories. You are always motivated with this fitness bike. Therefore, it is suitable for both the beginner and the professional.  

safety first

The friction brake system is equipped with an emergency stop button so that the flywheel can be stopped immediately with a "tip". The pedals are equipped with adjustable straps, so that slipping and a risk of injury are practically impossible. The sports equipment is wackelfest and very stable, even if you train at the highest training level. Even with frequent use, the indoorcycling unit has a very long service life due to this stable construction.  

Technical specifications

The dimensions of the indoor cycling unit are 104 x 52 x 119 cm (H x W x L). The product weight incl. Packing is 43kg, while the maximum weight of the sportsman may be up to 115kg. The front flywheel has a flywheel mass of 20kg and, combined with the professional belt, ensures good and comfortable running. The belt drive is maintenance-free and extremely quiet. As a drive of the BH Fitness SB2.2 Fitnessbikes, the device uses a sturdy and resilient Poly-V belt drive. By means of the friction brake system, which is easy to set up, the degree of difficulty or resistance of the device can be steplessly adjusted so that the personal training intensity can be gradually increased and optimized.  

Light construction

The construction of the sports equipment is conceivably simple can be done by a single person without help without problem in about 20 minutes.


Conclusion guy The BH Fitness SB2.2 Fitnessbike is a successful combination of quality, design and high-quality functionality. Someone who wants to exercise regularly, but who prefer to train at home, makes the right choice with this device. If you want to keep the full control over your training schedule and want to know how fast, how long, and how far you have reached your training session, you can look at the data that the LCD display constantly supplies. Handlebars and saddles offer great training comfort during training. The individual setting possibilities, which can be done quickly and comfortably to do the rest. The belt drive is well processed and very quiet. The emergency stop on the friction brake system and the safety brake ensures sufficient safety. The construction of the BH Fitness SB2.2 Fitnessbike will not be a problem for the most untalented artisan, as this is quick and easy.Bottom line: Thumbs up for this successful sports equipment!

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