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Test report: AsVIVA Cardio VII Fitnessbike

If you use a high-quality home trainer at home, not only the legs can be trained, but the pedal movements also have an effect on the other muscle parts. These muscle strands are also noticeably trained. The necessary fitness equipment is distributed and offered by a large number of companies. These include big names, such as Christopeit or Hammer, but also smaller and innovative firms that have not yet reached the level of brand recognition.From Dormagen, a smaller North Rhine-Westphalian city between Cologne and Düsseldorf, sports equipment of the brand AsVIVA comes. These are electric bicycles and fitness equipment. Also from here comes the VIVA Cardio VII Fitnessbike.  

Distribution, shipping and packaging

These fitness machines are distributed through selected partners who cooperate with the company in Dormagen.These are sports shops, some of which sell their products over the Internet. Over the net, these fitness machines are also distributed by other well-known online shops, which in their assortment also lead hometrainer. When ordered there, the fitness machine is delivered in a very detailed package directly to the customer via a parcel service. The fitness machine is surrounded by a robust wrapping and has to be transported by two people.When unpacking, you notice that the training device is largely preassembled. However, some components still need to be installed. The necessary steps are listed in a detailed guide that is included in the scope of supply. The necessary safety instructions are also listed here in order to prevent the risk of the sports injuries. With the help of these descriptions you can assemble the device at short notice. The handles on the device and the replaceable saddle must be installed. The device works with standard batteries. The display and the computer installed there requires relatively little power.  

Data of the home coach

The bike for the trainer consists of very solid steel and a lot of plastic. At the heavily loaded areas, metal has basically been processed. The enclosure is made of compact plastic, which has been well processed. This device is also able to handle larger loads. This home coach can be loaded with a maximum weight of 120 kilograms. The foot movements of the home trainer are transmitted to the existing flywheel via a grooved belt. This swing side is at the front of the fitness machine. With a little effort the approximately 20 kilogram heavy disc can be moved sensibly. The brake system, which is also available, is that the higher you put it, the foot movements become more strenuous and thus also trained athletes can be challenged. In this case, all leg movements are then registered and analyzed continuously by the computer. The computer is located between both handles. In size, the small computer reminds of a simple alarm clock. Here you can look at the small display its data, such as the kilometers traveled. Also data, such as the current pulse or the consumed calories, are displayed.  

The Praxistest

Due to the fact that you can sit on an ergonomic racing saddle, which is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, you have a certain sitting comfort. The handlebar can also be adjusted in the vertical direction. Smaller people below 1.50 meters have difficulty pedaling. Here the user already needs a certain size. After some time of use, some background noises occur. Therefore, the device should not be used during the lunch break or at night over a longer period of time. Regular maintenance can reduce the noise slightly.


Conclusion guy Because of its construction, a good and secure standing fitness machine for people of normal size without a big technical gadget. The data you need is displayed. The side noise can however be perceived as something annoying for the one or other user.

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