Steba VG200 BBQ griddle

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Review: Steba VG200 BBQ griddle


High-quality and modern BBQ griddle

The table grill Steba VG200 including high-qualityglass lid is an absolute top unit. There are now a number of different BBQ grill, but this model impresses with numerous benefits and an excellent result. The peculiarity makes at this BBQ griddle certainly the glass lid. The lid ensures that the Fleich can dry and thus by no means always tender and remains. In addition, a very tasty crust is formed, which is simply indispensable in some dishes. It is also very positive that the griddle is ready use no long preparations are necessary. Especially in spontaneous visits from friends and acquaintances of course that is a very big advantage. Whether sausages, steaks or fish, with the Steba BBQ griddle, all meals a pleasure.

Drip can also be used

Everybody knows it, barbecuing usually a lot less fat is lost from the meat, which often drips down the barbecue and makes cleaning difficult thereby. Not so with this ultra-modern equipment, because it has a drip, which can be used as flavor dish. Thus, the meat, the sausages or the vegetables will be awarded aspecial touch and of course, this dish makes the taste very positive effect. A constant temperature is extremely important when grilling. This is exactly why the Steba temperature control was donated VG200. With some foods, it is additionally also important that the temperature can be adjusted and to the existing controller that is thus not a problem. In direct comparison to conventional coal-Griller certainly a very positive feature. It is therefore not surprising that this grill was "Yourself" won several awards from the magazine.

The operation and handling

With dimensions of 29.0 x 40.0 cm, the BBQ Grill table provides the ideal setting for delicious barbecues. It is relatively easy to use and is also very good in the hand. For barbecues with friends the griddle has the perfect dimensions and can be simply and easily stowed. However, the compact size has on the size of any negative impact, because the grill area was adequately sized. The griddle of course has a special coating so that the cleaning is not a big trouble. Even after years of grill still looks like new and does not require particularly expensive care. Another advantage is that the griddle also relatively simple and can be easily removed and thus can be cleaned thoroughly.

Benefits of an electric grill

With this device, the numerous advantages are particularly often open because the electric grill can also be used inside. No smell or noise may interfere with the barbecue. can be grilling Simply plug into the socket and prepare the tasty food, so easy. You do not have to worry about gas or coal, because whenever you fancy, you can connect the BBQ Grill table and end the day with a delicious and juicy steak.

The BBQ Grill table for all requirements

Whether a big party with friends or just a leisurely meal with the family, the table grill VG 200 is prepared for all requirements and needs. It fit numerous steaks and side dishes on the grill plate and so the food can be prepared for several people within a short time. Even if you do not come for cleaning the same day makes the for this model no significant role. The panels are equipped with a new coating and can be even after a longer period of time relatively easy cleaning. To do this, simply use a damp cloth that surpass the soiled areas.

Price-performance ratio at the BBQ Grill table

Compared to similar products, has the VG 200 Tischgrill not only many features and useful functions, theprice is nearly unbeatable. But not only the favorableprice and features make all the difference, and the durability and the very high quality are to be mentioned especially positive. Made was the BBQ VG 200 Table grill exclusively and high quality materials that ensure a commitment of several years without problem. If you are looking for a modern, reliable and high quality electric grill for your use, you are well advised and provided with this product.

The highlights in brief overview

  • very large grill surface
  • Temperature continuously adjustable
  • Diecast aluminum grill plate
  • Grill plate can be removed
  • Hot zone
  • fast and easy cleaning in any case possible


conclusion guyThe BBQ VG 200 Tischgrill highly successfully in numerous tests and in comparison to other models a variety of advantages. It is easy to use andoffers a very good price-performance ratio. The long shelf life and easy preparation of various dishes clearly speak for Steba griddle. The best way to convince yourself but yourself andorder today for the next cookout in your garden or in your home this quality BBQ Tisschgrill. He will certainly not disappoint and provide excellent food with guests.