KS Cycling Velocity 28 Road Bike

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Test report: KS Cycling Velocity 28 Rennrad

Racing bikes are special bicycles that immediately bring out the intoxication of speed. Nobody can save themselves from it. The driver of the KS Cycling Velocity 28 road bike will be able to look forward to a unique experience and will soon have great pleasure with this bike. The wheel is equipped with a light aluminum frame and will convince by its sporty look. This bike is equipped with a very good equipment and can be seen. Because the wheel is not simply held in black or blue, but comes in a noble white therefore. The bike is perfect and easy to drive. Everything is absolutely in order and the driver is also very good. The wheel is safe and easy to assemble together. However, this assembly should still be carried out expertly in order to ensure that everything is correct and stable. This road bike is very special and will always please the driver. This makes driving quite easy, and everyone can enjoy it. This KS Cycling Velocity 28 road bike is really great and has everything in the right place. 

The delivery

After the purchase the bike is delivered really fast. The construction is very fast and thanks to the instructions can be done by everyone. The bike is great and has no other settings in front of you. It can go directly after the construction on the slopes with it. Also in terms of implementation it does not hapert here. The wheel is equipped with a stable frame and makes a lot of. It is top usable and will of course also be very good. You can quickly set the handlebars and you can start cycling. Because that is what matters. Driving is very easy and can start quickly.  

The details!

In addition to the aluminum frame, a lot more is included. The circuit works here by chain and can be implemented without problems. The circuit is designed for 24 gears. The user gets here a few rims, which are equipped with hollow chambers. These rims are therefore also extremely durable and will pay off soon. The user has a good bike here, which also makes everything better. The pedals are equipped with hooks and straps, so slipping in the middle of driving is not possible at all. The driver always has a safe step on this bike and can enjoy it fully. The bike is great and makes everything better. It is really possible to drive a lot of great kilometers and still have great joy. The driver of the bike will be enthusiastic about it and make everything better. This bike can now be used perfectly and it has everything on board. The brakes and also the circuit come from the house Shimano.  

The structure

The frame is a total of 59cm high and the fork is straight and accurate designed for racing. The tax rate is an Ahead tax rate. The user can use a good stem here as well, which is one of the manufacturer Ahead. The handlebar is made of aluminum and this is perfectly matched to the rest of the frame. The wheel is equipped with hubs, which are quick clamping. This allows the wheel to be changed more quickly. The quick-release is good when you need to change the wheel. The user can benefit from a very easy bike and turn various rounds with it. The wheel is not even 12 kilograms heavy thanks to the aluminum frame, and the rims and tires. This is good if a ride to the place of driving is necessary. Not every place has a good cycle track. This will surely be well signposted. Then the wheel can be removed easily, because it has no high weight. With this bike, it can go over the floor and stone, and everything can run better with it.


Conclusion guy Having a round on the wheel is a must for many cyclists. But it also needs a good and reliable bike. This can now be purchased here with the KS Cycling Velocity 28 road bike. The wheel is always stable and also safe and makes a lot of pleasure. This bike is great and the new owner also really liked it. This one can now be kicked out and have a lot of fun with it. It can go over all possible ways, because the bike is perfect for beginners. A road bike like this does not have very big and also not too big tires. This can make everything go well and bring even more fun. The user of the bike is safe and can feel comfortable. He will be able to turn his rounds with the wheel quickly and efficiently. Everything is perfect here and the bike is really good.

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