Technical characteristics

Power not
fuel type butane gas
number cooking 1
weight 1.100 g
boiling time no information
dimensions 20.6 x 20.2 x 10.6 cm
burning time 2 hour
pot carrier cross available
refillable tank content not available
special feature stable and economical in use


  • very good quality
  • light construction with plastic
  • good cartridges burner with good performance
  • good complete set with 2 spare gas cartridges
  • butane gas operating
  • safe handling and ease of use
  • very robust and durable
  • the ideal companion for many outdoor activities


  • knob plastic heats up too much and can reach deformation
  • otherwise no significant drawbacks that restrict the quality overall
CFH 52402 camping stove is a practical companion in many activities during leisure time. In a practical test was what really can this set with its two additional gas cartridges and what kind of quality you get in 20.6 x 20.2 x 10.6 cm tall model considered carefully. CHF is a well-known manufacturer for products related to the topic of gas burners and the appropriate equipment. Now, how good is this model really and what to expect as a camper, when he uses such a gas cooker.

Simple and safe operation

the set consists of Kocher, who owns a gas cartridge holder made of plastic. This container is compatible with other cartridges, because its size is normed. So could be how to use the screw cap and uses then simply other cartridges of other manufacturers assessed in the test again. This is very easy and the thread is precise. Even with effective piercing of cartridge, it's safe, but you should practice it if you are a newbie. It uses not a fast rotation, then gas can escape quickly and lose volume. The torch attachment is made of polished steel and that is also robust, but other manufacturers have here simpler systems, with bent wire. The stove fits into any backpack, making it very easy to transport. The advantage of the test, this cooker can be used anywhere.

Butane gas cooking made easy

with the corresponding vessel, that not too much should be water left in the test very quickly heat or heat a meal directly. Here the typical behavior of the application showed up, because the targeted and concentrated gas flame really warms all things very quickly. That is efficient and in the test water was within 40 seconds on an aluminium tray to the Cook brought. The rotary valve for controlling the flame is made of plastic and it is now also common. The size of this control unit is optimally selected and the operation could be resumed in the test as safe. When you open the valve, you hear a hissing sound significantly, then it is the gas to ignite with a lighter or a different spark.

Manufacturer's instructions and the realization in practice

we come once again to consideration of all supplied components. As the cooker with the execution in plastic and metal, and on the other hand the replacement is a butane gas cartridges. This is already an ordinary stock, which should last for some days. So, it seems certain that it is well equipped with a 5-day trip. However, you must always remember that one makes the operation very sensitive and this succeeded very well in the test. The manufacturer specifies that a cartridge can burn approximately 2 hours. This is limited, because when the valve to full power, a discharge with a burning flame of approximately 30 minutes showed up in the test. This means as a result, you can only reach this 2 hours if you burn the flame to minimum level. When heating up the dishes and about of water, compelling values show up and this burner can be used for many other tasks.


The conclusion from the test of the CFH 52402 camping stove is compelling, the customer gets a very good price of power erhältnis and the product is solid and functional. It's worth a total a recommendation to purchase the CFH 52402 camping stove as a review.

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