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Test report: Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher

In today's world, a dishwasher is part of everyday life. Hardly a built-in kitchen, where no dishwasher is installed. However, not every dishwasher adapts to the needs of the user. For this reason the Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher was brought to the market. This dishwasher is distinguished by its high-quality material and its excellent processing. On top of that, he appears in a timeless design. A better value for money, as with the dishwasher from Bauknecht you can quickly find no more. The quality is reflected in many facets. 

Small and yet unbeatable

With its product dimensions of 59 x 59.7 x 85 cm, Bauknecht's dishwasher does not matter whether it is in the left or right corner of a kitchen row. Due to the fact that the dishwasher can also be set free standing, a place is quickly found. He finds a place everywhere. And the weight, which is only 51 kilograms, does not impose any new requirements on the kitchen floor. On festive occasions, it can happen that dishes are to be washed at a later hour. With the Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher this is no problem. The rinses so quietly, that it is hardly to be heard in other rooms. With a noise level of 48 dB it is no wonder.  

Flexible and yet unique

The house is full and the dishes are not enough. No reason to panic, with the express program offered by the Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher is no problem. The dishes are clean again within 30 minutes. And at a wash temperature of 45 degrees also bright. In addition, the dishwasher offers other programs, such as the control program, the Ecoprogramm and the Sensor Plus program. For daily use, care has been taken during production that the so-called daily program can be used. This rinses the dishes at 60 degrees, so all dirt and bacteria are optimally removed. The SensorPlus program has a very modern technology. This means that very special sensors are used which continuously measure the degree of contamination of the water. If deviations are detected, the Bauknecht GSF 61307 automatically adjusts the dishwasher. This means the water and energy consumption is adjusted so that the dishes, can be cleaned perfectly. No user gets anything from this process. And even the drying process adapts to the dishes. Pots, pans or heavily soiled dishes do not have to be rinsed in the water. The fact that the Bauknecht dishwasher is equipped with the steam technology can be omitted. The steam technology works for me pure steam, so very environmentally friendly. In the event that the milk is baked in the pot, the user can switch on the prewash program in the dishwasher.  

Safety, is given to the Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher

With the dishwasher, the user not only buys a device that brings his dishes back to high-gloss. No, the issue of security is also relevant. This means that the Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher is equipped with a full water protection. This ensures that water damage has no chance. A safety hose, which is additionally reinforced with a mechanical safety valve, is responsible for the control. Thus the user does not have to be afraid if he decides that the dishwasher should start his work already when nobody is home yet. This is possible due to the start time delay. The start time delay can be set between 1 and 24 hours, ingenious.  

It can not be more economical

Of course, the dishwasher not only provides clean dishes. Water and energy costs are simultaneously reduced. The annual water consumption is 2800 liters. The energy consumption is assigned to the energy efficiency class A ++. This means that no more than 261 kilowatt hours per year are consumed. In addition, the Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher has a load recognition, which also has a sparing effect. That is, the user is warned when he overheats the dishwasher of Bauknecht.


Conclusion guy The conclusion for this dishwashing machine is that all requirements for a normal household are met. The best can be cleaned up to 13 place settings at the same time in the Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher. Everything is perfectly clean and dry. From the dishwasher, the dishes can be placed right in the closet or back on the table. This result is possible with a handwash, not at this time. The next dishwasher should definitely be the Bauknecht GSF 61307 dishwasher.

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