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Test report: Avantek Infrarot Fieberthermometer


Practical, simple thermometer

The child or himself is not doing well and you want to know if there is a fever, but the fever thermometer does not wait or is inaccurate - is there something worse? Apart from the time, the temperature is the most frequently measured physical quantity and is brought anywhere. Whether you're cooking, fevering, or wherever you need it, with a portable infrared temperature gauge, you're in the right place after a second. With this test we would like to make the decision for or against the infra-red thermometer by Avantek easier. We have thoroughly tested the thermometer that can be used for household and as a fever thermometer.  

Packaging and delivery

The Avantek infrared thermometer in the color combination white and purple was sent to us within four working days after order. Packed was the thermometer, made in China, in a plastic blister and a carton, which shows the image of the device from the side. The package included:
  • The thermometer
  • Two AA 1.5 volt alkaline batteries
  • A manual
A guarantee card was not available. Also on the website of the manufacturer there is no further information on the warranty of the device, so you are left in the dark.  

Some of our pictures of the Avantek thermometer

Avantek fever thermometer 1     Avantek fever thermometer 2     Avantek fever thermometer 3 Avantek fever thermometer 4     Avantek fever thermometer 5     Avantek fever thermometer 6  

Equipment of the thermometer

The thermometer is portable and is operated by two AA 1.5 volt batteries or batteries. It weighs about 250 grams and is about 17 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm in size. It has a square 3 cm display, an infra-red sensor, a measurement button which is simultaneously the on / off button and a battery compartment.  

power supply

The thermometer is powered by two AA batteries and is therefore portable and can be used everywhere. Because no cable is necessary, it is possible, for example, to carry out the body heat measurement of a child in his sleep without arousing it.  

The technology

The effective measurement distance is 5 to 15 cm. By the distance of at least 5 cm it is possible to avoid a possible cross-contamination, which is a big bonus especially in contagious children's diseases. In addition, the silicone surface is easy to disinfect. For objects, a temperature determination is possible in the range of 0 to 100 degrees and with the fever measurement 32 to 42.9 degrees. The Avantek infrared thermometer can operate at an ambient temperature of 10 to 40 degrees. The infrared radiation emitted by an object can be focused by means of a lens. The lens produces a proportionally suitable electrical signal, which is digitally processed and thus appears as a result on the display. The device turns itself off after 20 seconds.

The Avantek forehead thermometer offers several functions:

  • The possibility of silencing it, which is a great advantage when measuring the fever on the head
  • The storage of measured values, in order to observe a disease course. When you press the 3 button, the last measurement of body temperature is displayed
  • An a + and - adjustable temperature range to get a fever warning
  • When the temperature is less than 0 degrees, "Lo" is displayed, and at over 100 degrees "Hi"

The price

With a price range of € 29.99 to € 45.99 (as of July 2016), the infrared thermometer from Avantek is in the medium price category  

Optics and processing of the thermometer

The manufacturer's logo can be displayed in uppercase letters on the left and right of the housing. The device is in only one color combination, with white body, which is violet. Under the manufacturer's logo is a small instruction manual in English in no more than 3 punctual sentences. On the other hand, the technical specifications are: Effective Distance: 5 - 15 cm / 2 - 5.9 in (inch).

Color options

For the bottom of the handle, which also serves as a battery compartment, the measuring button, the edge of the display and the measuring unit, bright purple was selected. The remaining housing is in matt white. The LCD screen itself, on which the control panel is located, is framed by a dark violet. The control buttons, which are located below the LCD screen, are indicated by a rich blue. Also in a rich blue appears the border of the, white-decorated, manufacturer's logo imprint.  

Material and workmanship

The processing is clean and the device makes a solid impression despite the low weight. The housing of the device consists mainly of hard plastic. The control buttons are made of silicone, as is the imprint of the logo and the label below the logo. The LCD screen (in the delivery state covered by a plastic film) also consists of hard plastic. The processing has been very simple, which means that no complicated instrumentation is required to operate the thermometer for the first time.  


The thermometer was protected by a plastic blister and a cardboard box. Completely satisfied with the protection of our device, we were not, since it is in our eyes not break-proof packaged. Unpacking the thermometer was a bit tricky because the plastic blister fit perfectly into the package. After the removal of the thermometer from the plastic blister succeeded, we noticed that there was no guarantee card. Also on the website of the manufacturer there was no information on the guarantee of the device. There was a usage instruction in German and English. At first glance, the infrared thermometer looked like a cash desk scanner. There was not a pedestal, where it would be possible to place the appliance. When we felt the material, we noticed that the processing is very simple. Batteries were included with the delivery, so you could use the device directly. Opening the battery compartment was difficult because it was not possible to move the compartment. The opening of the compartment only succeeded by the application of the fingernails, which can damage the nails and can also be a hell step for people with broken nails. The labeling of the direction of the batteries by "+" and "-" was advantageous. When the batteries were in the correct position, it could also go directly. To make the device we had only the "trigger" of the device. The keys were quite clearly marked and easy to use. The thermometer has, as promised, displayed the temperature within one second. Both objects and bodies have been able to measure the temperature to an inaccuracy of 0.2 ° C at the same distance. Thanks to the batteries, it is possible to measure the temperature everywhere and the backlit LCD display allows easy reading in a dark environment. Even after intensive use within two days, nothing has changed on the device. Both the optics and the technique continue to work flawlessly. It is a pity that the thermometer is only available in a color combination.  


Conclusion guyThe infrared thermometer from Avantek is ideal for babies, adults, young people and for the household. The infrared thermometer from Avantek convinced us, as it is easy to use and works almost without defects. Due to the batteries and the light design it is handy, uncomplicated and can be used in many places. Despite the simple design, it is possible to quickly measure objects and bodies and obtain a result. Especially in times of the flu wave it is necessary to get a fast result, which works with the infrared thermometer perfectly. Unfortunately, this infrared thermometer is only available in a color combination. It is useful and we can recommend it with a good conscience.  

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