Stahlmann 7T wood splitter

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Test report: Stahlmann 7T wood splitter

This device has real power. I have to admit that I am a very demanding home improvement. I already have a great equipment and technical equipment is my passion. The Stahlmann 7T wood splitter, however, has proved that he is worth his money and I just do not want to miss this item anymore. You may also choose a wood splitter. Surely you will notice what a crazy force in these seven tons are stuck. Somewhat surprisingly I finally realized - I had never finished with my woodwork so quickly and with exactly executed cuts.

This wood splitter has it in itself

2200 watts and 230 volts with seven tons of splitting force. What wonderful characteristics. Then the heart of men beats higher. This is the real quality of STAHLMANN®. The wood splitter is of course TÜV / CE tested. It is a real top product, which has never let me down. The splitting distance is infinitely adjustable up to a maximum of 520mm. This means an enormous time saving in the processing and splitting of short pieces of wood. A really great advantage and a welcome extra that is worth mentioning for me. Optionally, commissioning can be carried out with or without a splitting frame - just as you like and it is necessary. The frame and the associated crevice are also included. This is how the work can start. The maximum wood dimension can be up to 250 mm in diameter with a length of 520 mm. So you are independent in the choice, whether it is now large or small or thick as well as thin pieces of wood. The performance radius of the Stahlmann 7T wood splitter is almost inexhaustible. The dimensions are: (length x width x height): 940 x 270 x 510 and with a weight of 47.5 kg.  

The delivery takes place by forwarding - the construction is without problems

As soon as you have ordered this high-performance wooden splitter, it will be delivered within a few days by a forwarding agency. After that, only the structure has to be carried out. However, this does not pose any problems. Even for untrained hobbyists, this process is proceeding quickly and is completed within a very short time. A detailed description is enclosed, so that no confusion can occur. Should unexpected problems arise, just a quick call with friendly customer service. This will help quickly and competently.  

A purchase that is worthwhile for years to come

This is a very professional device, which is extremely durable. It has no, known me quirks and works very solid. Also, over a period of ongoing hours, I can not detect any deficiencies. There have not been any necessary repairs so far and my Stahlmann 7T wood splitter is almost as beautiful as at the beginning. So I am very satisfied with my purchase. Although the cost of the purchase was also high, this investment has really paid off. I am independent with my wood splitter and do not constantly rely on the help of other service providers. With an existing plot of several square meters you can really appreciate this device. Both short and long strains are easily crushed. No matter if dry or wet wood - Stahlmann 7T Holzspalter creates it all.


Conclusion guy In summary, I must say that I am an extremely satisfied customer. I would like to recommend the Stahlmann 7T wood splitter. Because this is a robust machine that does not leave you in the lurch. The processing is far above the average and one has at all times a very good feeling at the service. Here you buy genuine, solid and tried-and-tested quality as it is rarely found. Surely the price is still a bit high at first. But you have to remember that this is an investment for the future.Even after years of commissioning, this splitter still has its full power. So this is a really good price / performance ratio. If you also have a plot of land or need constantly clean shredded pieces of wood - so you should access here. Whether thick, long, short, dry or moist pieces of wood - everything is crushed reliably. I do not know any negative points. My expectations were fully met, if not exceeded. You are completely flexible and can choose whether you would like to work with or rather without split wood. The certification by TÜV is self-evident.

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