Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (1.56)
Operation / handling (45%)
VERY GOOD (1.40)
Power / EU characteristics (40%)
GOOD (1.86)
Equipment / Accessories (5%)
GOOD (1.60)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Energy efficiency class A
    • Dust Emission Class A
    • HEPA 13 filter
    • Large dust bag
    • Large operating range
    • Versatile floor nozzle


    • Manual without text

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 5 Kg
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Annual power consumption: 27,8 kWh
  • Dust Emission Class A to G: A
  • Carpet Cleaning Class A to G: C
  • Hard floor cleaning Class A to G: B
  • Dust filter: H13
  • Dust Bag Volume: 5 liters
  • Range: 11 meters
  • telescopic tube
  • Volume: 78 dB (A)
  • integrated accessories
  • Double Park feature
  • Instruction manual: -
  • Manufacturer: Philips
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 45% Note 1:56
Weight (Kg) 5 Kg  62.50
Anther volume 5 liters  56.52
radius 11 meters  66.67
telescopic tube  + 100.00
volume 78 dB (A)  19:23
integrated accessories  + 100.00
Double Park feature  + 100.00
Total points 504.92 (700)
Power / EU characteristics 40% Note 1:40
Energy efficiency class A 100.00
Annual electricity consumption 27.8 kWh  81.43
Dust Emission Class A to G A 100.00
Carpet Cleaning Class A to G C  66.67
Hard floor cleaning classes A to G B  83.33
Dust filter H13  50.00
Total points 481.43 (600)
Equipment / Accessories 5% Note 1.86
instruction manual -  14:29
equipment 100.00
Total points 114.29 (200)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.60
Amazon valuation 4.4  70.00
Total points  70.00 (100)
Properties without rating
The Philips FC9197 / 91 is a vacuum cleaner of the new generation. Why? Earlier demanded of a vacuum cleaner that he removed all accumulating in a domestic house dust, the best course as effectively and completely as possible. Power consumption, energy efficiency and noise is not played the same role as today. Since September 1, 2014, is different: from this date are identical throughout the EU territory, the provisions of the Ecodesign Directive. The Philips FC9197 / 91, which is on the market since spring 2014 meets these requirements fully and falls beyond the best ever achievable energy efficiency class A . Special energy savings. Philips FC9197 / 91 shall possess the best possible energy efficiency class (A) Due its HEPA 13 filter is recommended for allergy sufferers this vacuum cleaner. but not only these features distinguish the Philips FC9197 / 91 as a device of the "new generation", but also its equipment and the supplied accessories: Philips FC9197 / 91  
    • The on / off switch is easily accessible on the top panel, right above him the green button to be electronic suction power attached that. Up 650 watts (input power) ranges. In addition to the on / off switch is the push button forautomatic cable rewind - 8 meter extension cable is an absolute must for a modern vacuum cleaner.
    • The 2-piece telescopic tube made of metal can be joined to the upper (curved) handle and the various nozzles by means of a click-closure called "SmartLock port" by the manufacturer. Also, lengthening (or shortening) of the telescopic tube is very easy with the SmartLock port.
    • The following accessories are shipped with:
        • The standard floor nozzle FC9197 / 91 at Philips as TriActiveMax nozzle designated, the carpet is gently roughened to accommodate low-lying dust, also has this nozzle forward through an opening, are absorbed through the large parts of the dust and side brushes, which can accommodate the dust from furniture and walls.
        • Optionally, you a Super Turbo Brush nozzle dazubestellen. This brush rotates about an axis of rotation and thus removed from carpets and small dust particles and pet hair, so it is ideal for households where animals are kept. The brush can also be used on hard floors, as it is provided with wheels.
      • A jointing as well as upholstery are also included, they can be easily attached to the pipe clip and are always at work with the vacuum cleaner tangible.
Vacuum cleaner floor nozzle The TriActiveMax nozzle of Philips cylinder vacuum cleaner roughens the carpet and also targets low-lying dust. Use the side brushes is additional dust walls and furniture covered.
    • The radius of action incl. 8 meter extension cable includes 11 meters, the average volume is 78 dB (A) (more on this inthe next section ).
  • The Owner's Manual While the Philips FC9197 / 91 contains numerous sketches, to show the different operations in detail, but no explanatory text. Here, the manufacturer should make improvements.
To underline the easy maneuverability with this device. Because the suction hose with the sonorous name "360Flex suction hose" allows a rotation around a full 360 degrees without the vacuum cleaner itself has to be rotated thereby. Finally, there remains the practical storage assist to mention: both vertically and horizontally can be the suction pipe in use the holes provided for them, depending on how and where you want to turn off the sucker straight. The sound pressure level of the Philips FC9197 / 91 is 78 dB (A) and thus does not differ much from the other vacuum cleaners of our comparison chart . In the other environmental characteristics, however, this vacuum cleaner is in the top group:
    • In the energy efficiency (A to G) of Philips FC9197 / 91 is in the Class A and, and also the average annual energy consumption, it has an excellent value with 27.8 kWh / year.
  • When dust emission (also from A to G) it is thanks to his HEPA13 filter in the most accessible Class A. This filter should gem (as well as the motor protection filter). Manufacturers are replaced every 24 months. However, it is questionable whether one should, as recommended by the manufacturer in the user guide, do this every 2 years, since the degree of filter contamination so essentially depends on the frequency and intensity of use of the equipment, and of course on the nature of the medium ,
Note: HEPA (link is external)is an abbreviation for H igh E fficiency P articulate A irfilter. As the name suggests, is to extract highly effective filter, pollen, toxic dusts, mites and other allergens from the air of the vacuum cleaner.
5 liter dust fit into the filter bag FC9197 / 91st Like most other vacuum cleaner has the FC9197 / 91 of the opening for the dust pipe a small s-bag indicator that lights up when the dust bag is full. This ad is incidentally also necessary because the suction power of this vacuum cleaner with full werdendem anthers not decreases. To replace the filter bag simply open the dust compartment cover, remove the full dust bag and slide the replacement bag until it rests on the bracket. Since September 1, 2014, all newly sold vacuum cleaners have with the EU energy label be marked. In the previous section we have already pointed out in the environmental characteristics on the volume and the dust emission class. Here are now once again all the values of the EU energy label:
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Volume: 78 dB (A)
  • Average annual energy consumption: 27.8 kWh
  • Dust Emission Class A
  • Carpet Cleaning Class: C
  • Hard floor cleaning class: B
Philips vacuum cleaner With regard to energy efficiency and dust emission model. Philips FC9197 / 91 The average annual energy consumption of this bag vacuum cleaner is only 27.8 kilowatt hours. The Philips PerformerPro FC9197 / 91 is therefore in both energy efficiency and in the dust emission in the best class , His hard floor cleaning with class "B" exemplary. Without Suction of Philips PerformerPro FC9197 / 91 weighs approximately 5 kg and comes with two additional integrated in the device nozzle. He is a powerful and environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner and has a highly effective HEPA13 filter, so that in particular it allergies can recommend. The user manual of the FC9197 / 91 is in our view of improvement. We summarize briefly the essential features of Philips FC9197 / 91 together:
  • Bag volume: 5 liters,
  • Operating radius: 11 meters,
  • Extension cable: 8 meters,
  • Energy efficiency class: A,
  • Dust Emission Class A,
  • Volume 78 dB (A),
  • Accessories: crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 brush / small nozzle, upholstery nozzle
  • Abluftflter HEPA13.

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