The Tefal GV7250 steam generator iron is in some respects better equipped as the GV5245 Easycord Pressing . What points these are, you can our comparison chart taken and the following detailed installation:
    • 5.4 Kg weighs the steam station (without water), the iron itself but only 1 Kg .
    • The water tank holds 1.4 liters of tap water, for a 50/50 blend can be used with distilled water. Although the tank is not removable , however, you can at any time add water because the boiler and tank are separate. However, you must first turn off the steam station, but that's only for the moment of refilling.
    • On the steam station control panel can be a knob the steam level Setting (low, medium and high). Maximum is 120 grams / minute. There are also electronic displays for steam readiness and condition of the water tank on the control panel.
    • The device is designed for vertical steam ironing usable. For this purpose is best suited the maximum steam stage.
    • Steam hose and electric cables have a length of 1.70 meters (standard with steam irons). Both cables are available at the station each a "niche" to slip easily.
    • The GV7250 is a Anti-Calc System equipped. It consists of a special Kalksammler on the right side of the steam station that should be emptied regularly. Buying a new demineralization cartridge is omitted because it only needs to thoroughly rinse these Kalksammler, then it can be used again.
    • The temperature of the soleplate is as usual controlled by a knob on the iron. There is also an electronic display for reaching the selected temperature of ironing.
  • To secure during transportation can be the iron on the steam station by a transport lock secure.
Decalcification of Dampfbügelstation The Anti-Calc System of Tefal steam generator iron collects the lime in a special container. The container should be emptied and rinsed thoroughly regelmäßg. The purchase of special Entkalkungspatronen offers a saving in the Tefal GV 7250th In ETM Test Magazine 4/2010 the Tefal GV7250 steam generator iron has been with the test grade " Very Good (93.9 out of 100 points) clear test winner". Among other things, this is also reflected in the operation of the steam iron:
    • Applies here as with the other steam irons: who the device to dry ironing wants to use that can do so. Because steam is only then come out of the soleplate when you hold the steam button.
    • As a rule, however, to use this device for steam ironing. So: fill the water tank, turn it on and wait for the steam ready indicator. Already after 2 minutes the Tefal GV7250 is heated, so ready for steam ironing.The steam ready indicator light is steady and you can work as long on the steam function until 1.4 liters have been consumed in the water tank. This condition is indicated by a flashing lamp on the control panel of the steam station, so that you can refill time.
    • " Vertical ironing " is the GV7250 also possible, preferably with the maximum values of temperature and steam power, as you said fabrics so only clips during vertical ironing and briefly touched rather than suspend an additional pressure.
    • Turn the knob on the control panel as required one of the three steam stages.
  • The descaling is carried out automatically. The lime stones are collected in a special container and must be disposed of regularly. The time naturally depends on the hardness of the water that is used. However, it does not matter, just to take a look in the scrubber after each bracket passage and this rinse if necessary.
Tefal GV 7250 Express Antikalk The Tefal GV 7250 has a water tank with a capacity of 1.4 liters. An empty tank is signaled by a flashing LED. The device has in steam irons Comparison of the ETM test magazine (04/2010) with an overall score of Very Good cut. The maximum electric power is 2200 Watts . Whether this really abfordert depends on the setting each selected from:. Steam level and temperature of the soleplate are so regulated and so influence energy consumption The permanent steam capacity (while holding down the steam button at the highest level of the amount of steam) is 120 grams / minute . The steam station using an automatic shutdown in the event of non-use over a certain period. The user should therefore themselves have an eye on his iron to turn it in time when not in use. For the transport however is (as already mentioned) the GV7250 by a transport lock secured. The water tank is not removable , which makes the water refilling somewhat cumbersome. We summarize briefly the essential features of Tefal GV7250 steam generator iron together:
  • the water tank holds 1.4 liters,
  • electronic display of availability (steam)
  • electronic display empty water tank,
  • vertical steam ironing possible,
  • three-stage steam control,
  • automatic descaling.
Here again follow all the information and the test score for Tefal GV7250 .:

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